Peace Prize President Overseeing Return of the Evil Empire

The mainstream media are trying to whitewash Putin’s actions in the Crimea and his threats to use military force if the Ukraine resistance doesn’t surrender.

Time is playing up its story titled “4 Reasons Putin Is Already Losing in Ukraine,” which amount to a couple of opinion polls that show Russians don’t support his handling of Ukraine so far.

The Huffington Post was more concerned with an on-air dust-up between Wolf Blitzer and Christiane Amanpour over how to describe the “pro-European Ukrainians” after Blitzer accidentally referenced Russian ambassador Vitaly Churkin, who called the Ukrainian rebels “fascists and anti-Semites.”

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(To the media, fascists and anti-Semites are “right wing,” i.e., somehow Republican and the opposite of good leftists, despite the Left’s history of support for Nazis, Communists, KKK and the Muslim Brotherhood. The White House, therefore the media, have sided with the mob that took down Ukraine’s government and against Russia’s Putin, therefore the Ukrainians are “pro-Europe,” and Putin’s supporters in the Liberal Democratic Party are, quote-unquote, “the right-wing puppet of the Kremlin,” according to Time. By that same sort of logic, Harry Reid is a Republican.)

The Congress is moving “swiftly but cautiously,” whatever that means, to debate whether to vote on some sort of aid that could include some sort of financial assistance, according to wire reports.

Are we talking about student loans or what?

Meanwhile, President Obama scolded Putin, saying Russia is “on the wrong side of history.” If by that, Obama means the side that always manages to take over a half a dozen countries before wishy-washy presidents get their heads out of their you-know-whats, then yeah, it looks like Putin may be on that side.

You know what they say about deviled eggs and East European countries — you can’t eat just one.

As of this writing, our government has expressed its discontent by cancelling trade and investment talks. So I guess the Vladivostok Toy Company will be feeling the sting of our wrath.

Churkin insisted that Russia was protecting democracy, saving Ukrainians from violent extremists, etc. Anyone familiar with World War II or the Cold War should recognize the doublespeak immediately.

Basically, Russia is standing tall and not backing down despite being “sternly rebuked,” as CNN put it.

And why wouldn’t it? Several major fuel lines to Europe came from the Ukraine, and all Putin has to do is turn the valves off to bring Europe to its knees. Moving his troops into Ukraine as a permanent presence also gives Putin some valuable ports on the Black Sea, along with borders with several more Eastern European countries.

Meanwhile, American leadership is nowhere to be seen. The United States doesn’t intimidate Putin. It’s not just a case of the U.S. being a paper tiger; Obama has turned America into a hologram of its former self.

The United Nations Security Council is feverishly condemning and pleading and negotiating, but they may carry even less weight than Obama.

To make matters worse, the bad guys — genuine bad guys like Iran, Syria and China — are floating toward Putin’s light. Syria brings valuable sea ports and oil to the partnership, Iran the same plus rudimentary nuclear capability and sheer belligerence. China is a heavyweight on par with Russia itself, and its leaders may see opportunities in a partnership to mutually support each other’s territorial ambitions.

China is spoiling for an open conflict with Japan, and has placed new ballistic missiles within striking distance of U.S. forces stationed in Guam.

This new, rapidly transforming Axis of Evil sees an opportunity where none existed in the previous presidency. But with the recent announcement that the Obama Administration wants to cut back U.S. military power to pre-World War II levels, and U.S. troops at Kadena Air Base in Japan performing in the military’s first globally advertised drag queen revue over the weekend, the New Axis powers must be laughing themselves silly that they spent so many years afraid of this country.

It’s tempting to compare Obama with the Emperor Nero, fiddling while Rome burns, but the truth is, Obama is the fiddle, and Putin has been playing him from the moment Obama tried to give the Russians a “reset” button as a diplomatic overture. Now it’s Putin’s turn to press the reset button, and the world better brace itself for the arrival of the new Russian empire.


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