Pelosi Asks: ‘Wouldn’t it be Nice if Romney was President?’

Let start off by answering House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi’s question with a, “No,” and then follow that up with a, “Heck no.”

According to the Boston Globe, Pelosi attended a Los Angeles Times event on Wednesday. During that time she asked, “Wouldn’t be nice if he were president of the United States?”

It is ironic that Pelosi would even use Romney in the poorly thought out joke because back in 2015, she was hoping he would turn out being the GOP’s presidential candidate. However, she did not want him to be our nominee because she wanted to see him as president. Instead, she wanted him to be our nominee because she didn’t believe he had any chance of beating Hillary Clinton.

She replied to a question during an interview with The Hill in 2015, inquiring if she thought Romney had a chance at beating Clinton, “No, no. I mean, he might be a nice person — no offense, no offense — [but] let’s save you time,” she added, “Let me put it this way — I hope he’s their nominee.”

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Let’s face it, very few people had what it took to be loud enough to beat Hillary Clinton. Romney is not one of those people. Luckily for us, Donald Trump was.

Pelosi has been a frequent critic of President Trump since his election, often blasting the president’s policy proposals.

This past weekend, Pelosi said Trump doesn’t understand how much weight his words carry.

“I’m not sure the president has understood that a president’s words weigh a ton and you can’t say things casually,” Pelosi said on “The Axe Files” podcast with former Obama strategist David Axelrod, amid growing concern over heightened tension between the U.S. and several countries.

She said Trump’s hard-hitting rhetoric and fiery remarks go much further than “raising eyebrows,” as they make U.S. allies nervous about the possibility of a military conflict.

Pelosi said, “There could be a serious military initiation of serious military action, which would be most unfortunate.”

However, I would not take anything she has to say with merit. The woman’s lights are on but no one is home! She still refers to Bush as being president!

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