Pelosi Says Archdioceses Don’t Represent Catholics in Fight Over Religious Rights

Minority leader Nancy Pelosi, a veritable poster for lapsed Catholics, said the other day that 43 Catholic groups suing the Obama Administration over its unconstitutional demand that they offer health insurance coverage of abortions, sterilizations and contraception don’t represent the church.

Pelosi, whose politics are about as far away from Catholic teachings as can be, said of the organizations that include archdioceses and Catholic universities, “Those people have a right to sue, but I don’t think they’re speaking ex cathedra for the Catholic Church.”

Besides showing her contempt for fellow Catholic, church teachings and freedom of religious conscience, Pelosi is betraying some serious ignorance of her own church.

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It would be strange indeed if anyone other than the pope spoke “ex cathedra” for the church. Ex cathedra, which means “from the chair,” is a tenet invoked by the pope only when a position expressed by the Vatican is absolutely non-negotiable in order to be considered a Catholic — the so-called papal infallibility doctrine.

Presumably she’s trying to weasel out of responsibility for upholding church teachings on abortion, which are not ex cathedra dogma but are considered definitive teachings of the church rooted in natural law. The pope has described abortion, sterilization and contraception as “intrinsically evil” acts. Leftist “Catholics” like Pelosi often fall back on the perceived “ex cathedra” loophole to excuse their abysmal behavior.

There is an unfortunate breed of so-called Catholics who have for generations infiltrated the church with Marxist ideology and a Leftist political agenda. Pelosi is one of those, right up there with the guy I once saw come to church in a Che Guevara T-shirt.

Meanwhile on Friday, hundreds of Catholics in Obama’s hometown of Chicago marched to protest his anti-religion doctrine and bring attention to the coming Fortnight for Freedom.

Similar protests were held in several other cities from coast to coast.

When asked if she supported her church’s teachings on sterilization and abortion, Pelosi said, “You know what, I do my religion on Sunday in church. … I don’t do it at this press conference.”

Or when it stands in the way of her liberal agenda.

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