Pelosi Says Obamacare a Political Winner, but for Who?

I’ve contended for years that Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is completely looney and out of touch with reality.  Her latest statement is proof positive.

The former Speaker of the House and current House Minority leader held a press conference to promote the 4th anniversary of the passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.  During the conference she took a question from a man in the audience who asked her:

“Could I just ask, in the current environment in a swing district, is Obamacare a winner or a loser politically?”

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Pelosi responded:

“Well, you have to ask them as a member, but I believe that it’s a winner.  And by the way, it’s called the Affordable Care Act.  It’s called the Affordable Care Act.  I know you didn’t intend any compliment or derogatory, uh, it’s called the Affordable Care Act.”

So Pelosi still believes and tells everyone that Obamacare is a winner politically.  You could ask her for which party, but listening to Pelosi over the past four years, it’s safe to say that in her mind, Obamacare is a political winner for Democrats.

My reaction is that Obamacare will definitely help Democrats win unemployment this year.  The dismal enrollment does not bode well for Democrats.  Over the past year, a growing number of Democrats have been speaking out against Obamacare as have millions of Americans.

A number of political analysts believe that Republican David Jolly’s victory over Democrat Alex Sink for the US House seat from Florida’s 13th district indicates the problems Obamacare will make for Democrats.  Jolly campaigned against Obamacare and Sink fully supported it.

The Obama administration recently tried to boost the success of Obamacare by announcing that they reached 5 million enrollees, which is still 2 million or 29% short of their original goal of 7 million.  While 5 million still sounds like a lot, you have to realize that not everyone has made their first payment yet, which means they haven’t actually purchased a plan yet.  I sold insurance for a couple years and trust me, until you actually get a person’s payment, you can’t count their policy as sold.  I’ve seen reports estimating the number of unpaid enrollments anywhere from 500,000 to 2 million, which means that the 5 million is not realistic.

Then if you add in the 4.7 million Americans who had their policies cancelled by Obamacare, the net figure could actually be in the negative.  None of this is good news for Democrats in this year’s election, but wait, there’s more bad news for Democrats.  Obamacare rates are about to skyrocket.

Insurance executives are already warning the public that due to the way Obamacare has been rolled out, along with all of the delays illegally declared by President Obama, that this will most definitely lead to increased cost.  To add to the economic woes of the insurance industry, in many areas the majority of the people that have signed up for exchange policies are older people.  This is a huge problem because Obamacare was built to rely on the premiums of young healthy people to pay for the cost of treatments for the older people who demand more care.  Without the young and healthy people enrolling, insurance companies will quickly be paying out more than they are taking in.  Consequently, there is already a lot of talk of the need for a government bailout of the insurance industry to the tune of billions of dollars.

The way I see it, Obamacare has resulted in more people being uninsured than when it went into effect.  The target groups of young and healthy uninsured people are not enrolling so the costs of insurance plans will soon jump considerably.  For many, the cost of healthcare insurance is more expensive now than before Obamacare took effect last October.  So when Nancy Pelosi says she believes Obamacare is a political winner, she failed to add mention that it’s a winner for Republicans.  For the Democrats, Obamacare is quickly becoming a political loser and I hope that trend only increases as we near the November elections.

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