Pelosi: Sucking An Unborn Child’s Brain Out Is Fine, But Gosnell Is “Disgusting”

A reporter asked Pelosi if she was familiar with the Gosnell case and whether Congress should get involved to make sure similar mass murders aren’t going on elsewhere in the nation’s abortion clinics. Pelosi replied, “I think that whatever went on there — I only know what you all report on it — is really disgusting. It is really disgusting.”

She then reassured the reporter and all the pro-lifers out there that “when we talk about reproductive health for women, that’s not what we’re talking about.” She quickly moved on to the next question.

What reason does she have to be “disgusted?” Is there really that much of a difference between partial-birth abortion, which she has consistently fought for, and what Gosnell was doing?

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Regarding the 2004 federal court ruling that the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban was unconstitutional, Pelosi reiterated her support for the procedure:

 “Today the District Court confirmed what we have known and have been saying since this legislation was introduced. The federal ban on abortion procedures is extreme, it violates a woman’s right to make private medical decisions, and it endangers women’s health. When President Bush signed the so-called ‘Partial-Birth Abortion Ban’ into law, he became the first President in history to ban a safe and medically-accepted medical procedure. It was a deliberate attack on reproductive health care and a violation of women’s privacy and their right to make their own decisions. This misguided law puts women’s health in serious danger because it fails to contain an exception for what is best for the health of a woman.”

Here’s what she said about partial-birth abortion a few years ago:

 “This is about a procedure that any parent would want her daughter to have access to if she needed it. And to frame it as an abortion issue is doing a disservice to medicine and to our young women and our country.”

In case you’ve forgotten what it is, this is how describes a partial-birth abortion:

 “The fetus is rotated [to breech position] and forceps are used to grasp and pull the legs, shoulders and arms through the birth canal. A small incision is made at the base of the skull to allow a suction catheter inside. The catheter removes the cerebral material until the skull collapses. The fetus is then completely removed.”

They suck the brains out so that the skull collapses and is more easily pulled through the woman’s cervix and birth canal. This is what Pelosi has been fighting for. As she said, this is what “any parent would want her daughter to have access to if she needed it.”

Really the only difference between that procedure and what Gosnell was doing is that Gosnell would pull the entire baby out instead of leaving only the head inside. After the baby was completely born, there wasn’t any need to suction the child’s brain out. So, he would sever the baby’s spinal column to kill the newborn. They call that an internal decapitation.

Pelosi is “disgusted” by Gosnell but thinks sucking an unborn child’s brain out to crush his skull is perfectly fine. She truly is a disgusting individual.

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