Pence Prepping for Presidential Takeover According to Boston Globe Columnist

Is Vice President Mike Pence preparing himself to take over the presidency from Donald Trump? One Boston Globe columnist seems to believe so.

BG’s Renee Graham wrote in her column on Tuesday that Pence appears to be making moves that someone running for re-elction would do.

Or maybe he is simply do his job as the vice president?

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Graham’s article, titled Mike Pence Looks Like He’s Ready to Pounce on the Presidency, goes on to argue that Pence only took the position as vice president because he thought that Trump’s “chaotic campaign” would eventually turn into a “calamitous presidency.”

Hate to break it to you princess, but not everyone is out to get Trump. Many of us actually believe in him and his policies. We are rooting for his triumph, not his downfall. Pence is not attempting to overthrow Trump.

Graham also seems to believe that, although Pence hired a lawyer, he does not appear to be acting like he will be affected.


The New York Times recently reported that Pence is chatting with deep-pocketed money men like Charles Koch, and hosting dinners with his wife, Karen, for wealthy donors at the vice president’s mansion. In May, Pence launched his own PAC, the “Great America Committee.” While its name echoes Trump’s campaign slogan, no previous sitting vice president has ever formed such a separate political organization. An unnamed Pence surrogate told NBC News that any chatter that the PAC is meant to bolster the veep’s 2020 plans is misguided.

As a US congressman, then Indiana’s governor, he proposed policies that threatened the lives and rights of women and the LGBT community. Even in a reliably red state, Pence’s medieval beliefs, especially a so-called “religious freedom” law to legalize discrimination, were so denounced that the Indianapolis Star ran a front-page editorial under the massive headline “FIX THIS NOW.” The state legislature eventually watered down the anti-LGBT language enough to curtail the economic backlash.

This attack may seem “well thought out” to Graham but it appears that she is grasping, and grasping hard.

Daily Wire reports:

This will most certainly be the line of attack from the Left if President Trump is taken down by the Russia scandal and is replaced by Pence. Nevertheless, Graham admits that Pence is much more calm and steady than Trump, which would make him seem refreshing by comparison.

There may be something to Graham’s line of thinking, as Pence’s statement on Donald Trump Jr.’s meeting with a Russian attorney seems like he’s attempting to distance himself from the whole situation, although this is something that Pence’s spokesperson denies. It’s possible that Pence is looking out for himself regardless, or he has bigger plans in mind.

It is far too easy to make any assumptions at this point.
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