Pennsylvania Dem Calls Women Sponsors of Ultrasound Bill Men with Breasts

At a time when conservative Republicans are being hammered in the news for calling people names like slut, liberal Democrats are throwing equally offensive names at those they disagree with.

In the latest name calling barrage, Pennsylvania State Rep Babette Josephs (D – Phil.) is doing her best to fight a controversial bill sponsored by state Republicans.  Known as the Women’s Right to Know bill, it would require that any woman seeking to get an abortion in the state of Pennsylvania to have an ultrasound first.  The bill is now more commonly known as the ultrasound bill.

Over 110 members of the state House of Representatives co-sponsored the ultrasound bill in their efforts to save unborn lives.  The bill has been championed by pro-life supporters in Pennsylvania as well as in Virginia where a similar measure was passed.

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Pro-abortion advocates claim the bill is an attempt to prevent women from having a say about their own health.  Some of them take the issue so personally that they lash out at the pro-life people in many ways, but not many have resulted to the despicable level of Rep Josephs.

While attending a rally, Josephs was overheard speaking about female legislators who co-sponsored the ultrasound bill where she said,

“I do not understand how a woman in this Legislature can say to herself: ‘I’m not capable of making my own health decisions… but I can get elected and make them for somebody else.’

“What is wrong with these women? What are they thinking about?  Are they women? Or are they men with breasts.”

To be honest, if I were one of the women who co-sponsored the ultrasound bill and heard what Joseph’s said, I would find it awfully hard not to walk up to her and slap her across the face for such a demeaning insult.

Rep Kathy Rapp (R – Warren) is the main sponsor of the bill and reacted to Joseph’s statement by saying,

“I think it’s sad, and certainly disrespectful, to have to describe opponents to your opinion of a bill by attacking and throwing names around.”

Another female co-sponsor of the bill, Rep RoseMarie Swanger (R – N Lebanon Twp) also responded by saying,

“I am a woman, and just because I disagree with her on certain women’s issues doesn’t make me a man.  We can have different points of view, but we don’t have to insult each other.”

Pennsylvania Gov Tom Corbett has had his own run in with the media taking statements out of context.  His press secretary described Joseph’s statement as intolerant, insulting and idiotic.

In years past, any politician making such a degrading comment about fellow lawmakers, whether at the state or federal level would receive a censure from the House which is a formal reprimand that generally requires a public apology.

If I was one of her constituents, I would definitely consider voting for whoever opposes her in the next election.

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