Pentagon Moves to Weaken Combat Troops and Family Values

Since President Barack Obama took office three years ago, he has pushed the Pentagon to weaken the US military from within and it seems he’s not done yet.

The Pentagon dropped ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’, ordered chaplains to perform same-sex unions and make chapel facilities available for such ceremonies, and then there is the push to overhaul the military retirement program.  After each of these policy changes have taken place, I’ve received reports of a number of career servicemen and women decide to resign from military service and turn to the civilian workplace.

In the latest move to weaken the military, the Pentagon just announced that it plans to open up more positions to women that were previously unavailable to them.  A number of those positions being opened up will put more women in combat situations than ever.

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Now I know that there have been women that have and are still serving in combat already, but history has shown that it has created a multitude of problems and issues that the military would rather hide than make known at the recruiting offices.  For instance, where men and women serve together in close quarters, the incidents of rape, sexual assaults and pregnancies have increased.

A growing number of military women have reported being sexually harassed and assaulted and then threatened to remain quiet about it not only by the male attacker but also by commanding officers over them.  A couple of years ago there was a report of a woman in the navy that had been sexually assaulted by a group of her male peers on board ship.  She had literally been gang raped.  When she reported it to the one of the ship’s officers, she was told that she had probably asked for it and to keep her mouth shut.  When her male peers heard she had reported the incident, they launched a campaign of mental and emotional terror on this woman who ended up committing suicide.

Let me ask you husbands and fathers if you would like your wife or daughter to serve in the military and be in a position where there is no personal privacy, such as in many combat situations or on board ships?  Would you want her to have to drop her fatigues to relieve herself in front of the men she was serving with?

What effect does this have on their families when they get home?

They return home with a deep seeded fear and mistrust of men in general.  In many cases it affects their relationships in marriage and in the workplace.  The emotional scars they bring home may never heal.

I believe there are many ways that women can effectively serve in the military and still be able to keep their modesty and self-respect, but combat is not one of them.  Call me old-fashioned if you want, but I just don’t believe that we should be putting our young women in these kinds of situations, and for the Pentagon to take the actions they announced will only help further undermine and weaken the integrity of our combat troops and family relationships back here at home.

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