Pentagon Says Enemy of State Not Enemy of State

Julian Assange is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of WikiLeaks.  The questionable website dedicated itself to the online publication of secret and classified information and news leaks from virtually any source it can obtain them from.

Over the past few years WikiLeaks has published thousands of pages of top secret and classified U.S. documents.  Some of those documents have contained the names and information of U.S. operatives throughout the world.  The reckless actions of Assange and his band of merry info mercenaries have put many of these operatives’ lives in danger, but hey, what do they care, right?

The United States government has demanded that Assange not make many of these documents public because of national security and the security of Americans named in them.  However it seemed the more the government pushed for them not to be published, the more adamant Assange was to publish them.

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In the history of the United States, anyone (domestic or foreign) who made such top secret documents public were considered to be either traitors and/or enemies of the state.  More than one person, civilian and military, have been jailed or put to death for passing on classified government documents.  But evidently, our gutless Pentagon doesn’t understand what betrayal, traitor or enemy means anymore.

This past Friday, Pentagon announced that Julian Assange was not legally defined as an enemy of the United States but they did warn WikiLeaks against trying to communicate with any military personnel. George Little, Pentagon spokesman announced:

“Department of Defense does not regard Mr. Assange as a member of the ‘enemy,’ a military objective, or someone who should be dealt with by the U.S. military.”

The Pentagon announcement was in response Air Force documents that stated that any military personnel who contacted anyone associated with WikiLeaks would be considered to be communicating with the enemy.  The punishment for any members of the military caught in any form of unauthorized communication with an enemy is subject to the terms of the Uniform Military Code of Justice.  The UMCJ lists penalties for such violations up to life in prison and death.

I want to know why Julian Assange and WikiLeads are not considered to be enemies of the state when others who have done less have been considered such and executed for being enemies.  Has our Pentagon leadership become that wishy-washy and spineless under President Barack Obama?  Seems to me we need knew leadership in the Pentagon as well as in Washington D.C.

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