PETA Asks Georgia for 10 Ft Monument for Chickens Killed in Accident

PETA, the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals are as hypocritical as any other liberal extremist organization.  They fight against the laboratory use of animals, yet they readily enjoy the thousands of products, medicines and vaccines that derived from those lab animals.

They are also ultra-concerned about our pet cats and dogs.  PETA often rushes in to accuse and attack anyone who is cruel to a pet or thought to harm an animal.  Yet, since 1998, PETA has slaughtered more than 31,000 animals.  Just in their Norfolk, Virginia office, they killed 1,792 cats and dogs or an average of 5 pets a day.  Perhaps more staggering is to realize that the Norfolk PETA office killed 82% of the animals received from unknowing pet owners.  How many people gave their pets to PETA thinking they were saving them and that PETA would find them a good home?

While slaughtering thousands of household pets without the blink of an eye, their hypocrisy rises up when it comes to someone else killing animals.  On January 27, a tractor trailer carrying a load of chickens overturned on the Athens Highway in Gainesville, Georgia, killing a number of chickens.  Sarah Segal, a member of PETA has submitted a request to the Georgia Department of Transportation for permission to erect a ten foot tall tombstone to honor the chickens killed in the accident.  The monument would feature an image of a chicken, the date of the crash and the inscription:

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“In memory of the dozens of terrified chickens who died as a result of a truck crash.  Go Vegan.”

In her request, Segal wrote:

“They are living creatures, so they do feel pain, just like we do.”

My first question to Segal would be what about the thousands of the dogs and cats PETA slaughters every year, don’t they feel pain?  Aren’t they frightened and scared being caged up in a strange place?  Isn’t that being cruel to the animals?

Part of the reason for the chicken monument is that Gainesville is considered to be the poultry capital of the world because they process so many chickens and I believe PETA wants to make a statement about the poultry industry more than honoring a bunch of chickens killed in an accident.  Lindsay Rajt, Associate Director of Campaigns for PETA released a statement saying:

“Chickens suffer from the time they’re babies, when they have their sensitive beaks cut off with a searing-hot blade. Our proposed statue would bring this suffering to the public’s attention and would encourage people to stop eating chickens.  At the very least, it would remind motorists to be more alert and help prevent future terrifying crashes.”

A spokesperson for GDOT says the request has been denied because there are strict regulations about memorials along interstates and highways.  Memorials are generally restricted to people only who died as a result of a crash involving alcohol or drugs and even then the memorials are only a 15 inch disk.

Segal responded saying:

“I take any death seriously whether we’re a child, dog, a chicken.”

In another act of hypocrisy, many PETA members support abortions.  I don’t know if Segal does or not, but if she is like the majority of animal rights activists, she most likely does also.  Abortion has been proven to cause intense pain to the unborn child as it is being literally ripped apart while still alive.  Perhaps PETA people don’t care because you can’t readily see an unborn child pushing away from the suctioning device pulling at its tiny body.  They can’t see the silent screams deep in the mother’s womb as a leg or arm is savagely torn loose and suctioned away.

Don’t take me wrong, I’m an animal lover and don’t like to see anyone being cruel to any animal, but I also can’t stand hypocritical double standards between cruelty of animals and the cruelty of humans including the unborn.  As for the raising of animals to use for food and other products, I turn to the Bible as my guide.  When Adam sinned in the Garden of Eden, God slaughtered an animal, probably a lamb, and used the skin of that animal to cover Adam and Eve’s nakedness.  After the Genesis Flood, God told Noah that man could eat the meat of clean animals and poultry was among the list of clean animals.  Therefore, I have no problem when I put on a pair of leather shoes and sit down to a meal of fried chicken.  I do have a problem when liberal bleeding hearts support the tortuous murder of millions of unborn humans!

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