PETA Wants Personhood for Animals, Not for Unborn Humans

In what has to be one of the most hypocritical organizations in the world, (the Democratic Party is a close second), PETA has their priorities all turned around.

The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has been raging a battle for years trying to not just protect animals from cruel treatment, but to give them legal rights equal to those of humans.  They want all research conducted on animals to be outlawed regardless of the impact it has on the medical field and treatment of human ailments.  They are against farms that raise cattle, pigs, chickens, turkeys or any other livestock for the sole purpose of killing them for food, leather and other products.

Now PETA has filed a lawsuit against Sea World claiming that their holding orcas in captivity amounts to a violation of the 13th Amendment to the US Constitution that banned slavery.  In other words, they are elevating killer whales to the status of humans in order to use the 13th Amendment in their lawsuit.

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I’ve always been an animal lover as that had a lot to do with my background in biology.  I’ve had dogs, cats, hamsters, snakes, rabbits, lizards, horses and birds as pets.  I’ve always advocated for fair and ethical treatment of animals and have on occasion turned in someone who was abusing their pets.

But I am adamantly opposed to animal rights as defined by extremist groups like PETA.  They want to give every animal in the world the same legal status as you and I.  This would completely eliminate all meat, dairy and animal byproducts (leather) from our lives.  Imagine no leather for shoes, no milk or eggs or cheese or butter or steaks and hamburgers.

Many medical research facilities would close because they could no longer test their treatments on animals before moving to human clinical trials.  Many diseases would remain uncured and millions of people would die because no one would be allowed to work on a cure.  Or if they did, they would have to do so outside the US, resulting in thousands of American jobs being outsourced to other countries.  But PETA doesn’t care about you and me, they care more for the chicken in the barnyard.

If PETA gets their way in this lawsuit, it won’t be long until they force the US government to hire animal lawyers like one Swiss canton has done.  In the canton of Zurich, a government appointed animal lawyer travels the countryside looking for animal rights violations.  In one reported incident, the lawyer cited a fisherman for taking too long to land a large pike.  It took the fisherman over 10 minutes to bring in his catch and the lawyer deemed that as cruel treatment of the fish.

Worse yet is PETA’s hypocrisy on the value of life.  While they campaign for the rights of animals, the vast majority of PETA members that I have known or read about also advocate for human abortions.  They believe that unwanted babies in the womb don’t have any rights and as such can be killed and thrown away in the trash.

This past November, voters in Mississippi defeated a measure to give personhood status to an unborn human.  And now PETA is asking a court to grant personhood to killer whales.  If the judge rules in favor of PETA, someone needs to investigate his personal background on the subject.

Biblically speaking, they have everything all wrong.  In Genesis 1:28-30 we read what has become known as the dominion mandate.  God gave all of His Creation to man to use for man’s own good.  That requires us to study and learn about creation, the plants, animals and the environment.  And in Genesis 9:1-3 we read where God told Noah that we are allowed to eat the flesh of animals.  In Leviticus God gave Moses the laws defining which animals were clean and okay to eat and which ones were unclean and not to be eaten.  Therefore, the actions taken by PETA are not only unethical but they are unbiblical as well.

The best description I can give of PETA is that they are an unbiblical, unethical and hypocritical group that values the life of a rat over that of an unborn human.

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