Piers Morgan: How Dare You Join The NRA After Sandy Hook

As if the NRA had orchestrated the attack in Newtown on Sandy Hook Elementary. Oh, but I forgot police found NRA literature at the Lanzas’ house, so that must mean that the NRA hired Adam Lanza to kill his mother, steal her guns, and use them to kill all those people at the school.

Morgan had on his show Wayne Allen Root to talk about his new book The Ultimate Obama Survival Guide: How To Survive, Thrive and Prosper During Obama-geddon. And even though Morgan commands an audience of likely well over a dozen viewers, his ratings have been down, so he’s obviously desperate for more attention. So he had to first debate Mr. Root on Morgan’s favorite subject, gun control:

 “So let’s talk guns, first of all. You joined the NRA after Sandy Hook. Why would anybody do that? … [Do you know] how many different types of guns you would have been still able to legally buy, once all President Obama’s gun-grabbing initiatives had taken place? … 2,300 and something. Is that not enough for you? I mean, seriously. You feel like you have to join the NRA after 20 children are blown to pieces because you’re worried that you’ll only be left with 2,300 types of gun to shoot?”

Morgan goes on to express his anger over the Senate not passing gun control legislation. They didn’t pass it, he said, because the NRA bullied them into voting against it. That could be true. That’s the reality of politics today. Money talks. It just so happens that the NRA generally lobbies for a good cause. But Morgan thinks that they are contributing to the murder rate in America.

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He acts like there aren’t any left-leaning lobbying organizations that have strangleholds on politicians. Speaking of murder, how about Planned Parenthood? One could reasonably argue that they’re responsible for thousands of deaths per day. That’s slightly more than Morgan’s “20 Sandy Hook children.”

And speaking of abortion, how can anybody support abortion or Planned Parenthood after Kermit Gosnell or Texas’ Douglas Karpen? Piers Morgan would rather women have the absolute right to murder their unborn kids as a matter of convenience than to restrict it in any way whatsoever.

I’m not in favor of allowing abortion in any case, but I would imagine that Morgan would scoff at the idea of banning abortions after 20 weeks, which is what was proposed in the aftermath of Gosnell’s conviction. If that were made law, it would potentially save 18,000 babies a year from abortion. It would still allow 98.5% of abortions to continue. As Morgan asked Mr. Root, “Is that not enough for you?”

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