Piss Christ Image Finally Removed by AP after Islamic Terrorist Attack in Paris

For 26 years, the Associated Press has posted the offensive image titled Piss Christ. Supposedly a work of art, the image is of a crucifix in a jar of the photographer’s urine. Many Christians and Christian organizations have complained to the Associate Press telling them that the image is offensive, denigrating and blasphemous, but AP justified posting the image claiming it was art.

However, the same Associated Press staff refused to post any of the political cartoons depicting the Islamic Prophet Muhammad, like those published in the French magazine Charlie Hebdo that led to the Islamic terrorist attack that killed a dozen people.

According to Paul Colford, a spokesperson for the Associated Press, said the Sipa Press automatically sends them photos. Sipa Press handles photographs from around 2,000 photographers from around the world. Colford stated that any satirical images of Mohammad are removed as soon as they are spotted.

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Colford commented:

“None of the images distributed by AP showed cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad.”

“It’s been our policy for years that we refrain from moving deliberately provocative images.”

It’s clear that the Associated Press takes a hypocritical stance on what images they consider as offensive and provocative and what ones they don’t. Images like Piss Christ were not deemed offensive or provocative to them and they continued to offer the image for sale for the past 26 years. Yet, they automatically remove any images that Muslims would find offensive.

This hypocrisy was pointed out to the Associated Press as reported by Michael F. Haverluck with OneNewsNow:

“Shortly after the interview, The Washington Examiner Senior Political Columnist Timothy P. Carney accused AP of its hypocrisy — demonstrated by selling the photo for years or decades on its website — while steadfastly holding to its practice of banning or cropping any satirical or remotely offensive cartoons of Muhammad.”

“In his brief post titled, ‘Associated Press censored Muhammad cartoons while selling ‘P—Christ,’’ Carney quoted Colford’s aforementioned statements that proudly reflected how AP refrains from publishing Muhammad cartoons and other ‘deliberately provocative images.’”

“He then had this to say:”

“‘But in case you want to admire the ‘work of art’ from three decades ago that consisted of a photograph of a crucifix in a vat of the photographer’s urine, the AP will sell it to you,’ Carney expressed sarcastically, providing a screenshot of the AP page from where viewers could purchase the photo from AP.”

“Not long after publishing, Carney had to update his post with this line:”

“‘UPDATE: It appears AP pulled their copy of P— Christ this afternoon, around the time I published,’ Carney added.”

Why does it take the slaughter of 12 people in France to get someone like the Associate Press to see their hypocrisy between the way they treat Christianity and Islam? It’s not just the AP that does this but most mainstream media outlets, our government and even our public schools also are hypocritical in the way they treat the two religions. It’s okay for teachers to stand in front of a classroom of students and slander Christ and Christians and ridicule any student in their classroom who is a Christian.

But when was the last time you heard of a teacher slamming a Muslim student? Public schools are not allowed to hold a Baccalaureate ceremony for graduating seniors but they are allowed to hold a girls only prom from Muslim students. Students are not allowed to pray in school if it resembles anything Christian but students are being taught to recite the Muslim Call to Prayer. Christian business owners are being persecuted on a regular basis but I’ve yet to hear of a Muslim business owner being persecuted for practicing his faith.

The further our nation has turned from its Christian foundations, the more it is embracing false religions and persecuting Christianity. At the current degradation of our nation, we will soon be forced to make a decision of compromising and denouncing our faith or to remain steadfast in our faith and bear our own cross for Jesus’ sake. Are you willing to sacrifice all for Christ or will you be one of many who will bend and deny your Savior who died for your sins?

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