Pistol-Packing Great Grandma Fires At Home Invader… So Scared He Hid In Closet

A great grandmother fired shots at a man who broke into her home scaring him so bad he hid in a closet until police arrived on the scene, WSB- reports.

Gwendolyn Agard: “I’ve always said, don’t ever let anybody come in and run you out your of your own house. And I said to him, ‘You come down those steps and I’ll blow your f****g brains out.’ That’s exactly what I said.”

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Gotta love this grandma.

JACKSON COUNTY, Ga. – A great grandmother with a pistol fired shots at a man trying to break into her home – scaring him into a closet until police arrived, according to investigators.

Gwendolyn Agard, 79, was in her house in Jackson County when a man shattered the glass on a second-floor door in the back of the house and came inside, police say.

Agard quickly grabbed her gun and called 911. She told Channel 2’s Berndt Petersen she yelled at the man and fired a few shots at him. She missed, but the alleged thief was so scared, he hid in an upstairs closet until police arrived. More

Grandma needs a laser on her weapon so next time she won’t miss. I can just see the cops snickering now. Of course, they have to be professional, but some punk hiding in a closet in granny’s house is just snicker-worthy. Poor fool, now he’s got to face his friends as the one granny made hide and probably pee his pants.

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