Planned Parenthood Gets Raise from US Taxpayers for Providing Fewer Services

Over the past several years, state and federal Republicans have been working hard to defund Planned Parenthood. They don’t believe that a private organization that murders unborn children should be supported by taxpayers, many of which object to abortion.

With a Republican controlled Congress, you would expect them to work towards either defunding Planned Parenthood or at least reduce the amount of funding they receive from the federal government. At least that’s what most of their constituents told them to do, but when it came time to pass the omnibus budget bill, they cowered to Obama’s threat to veto the bill and allow the government to shut down until they presented him with a bill that continued to use taxpayer dollars to murder babies.

So how much of our hard earned tax dollars are given to this private organization?

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According to American Center for Law and Justice:

“Planned Parenthood’s latest annual report shows that it took in more than $553,700,000 in taxpayer funding. That’s a nice 5% increase in taxpayer funding, while providing 11% fewer ‘services.’”

“So Planned Parenthood got a significant raise for doing less work.  As LifeNews notes:

“It appears to be a part of a bigger problem: Planned Parenthood is having an increasingly difficult time getting customers of any kind through its doors.”

“The 2,500,000 patients Planned Parenthood saw in 2014 is the lowest annual number reported by Planned Parenthood since 1998. A quick look at the numbers contained in its report shows that the number of “services” PP provided to its customers fell from 10,590,333 in 2013 to 9,455,582 in 2014. This represents an 11 percent drop in services provided by Planned Parenthood.”

“In fact, Planned Parenthood’s own report shows a nearly 25% drop in non-reproductive health care services provided to women.”

How many of you get more pay for doing less work than you did before? Possibly, Obama and his fellow blood thirsty liberals decided to increase the funding for Planned Parenthood to make up for the 10% drop in donations from their supporters.

This week we’ll see just how loyal our Republican members of Congress are to their constituents as they prepare to vote on a bill to defund Planned Parenthood. According to American Center for Law and Justice:

“On Wednesday, the House of Representatives is expected to vote on a critical measure to defund the abortion giant. Using the reconciliation process, it will be the first time a piece of pro-life legislation has a legitimate chance of landing on President Obama’s desk. It’s an important first step in a long fight to stop increasingly giving more and more of our tax dollars to big abortion.”

“It’s time for the blood money to end.”

Amen to their conclusion, but what is the reconciliation process?

According to EdCentral:

“The Budget Reconciliation Process refers to a mechanism in the annual budget resolution that allows Congress to make changes to spending and revenues without the normal procedural hurdles.”

“The annual budget resolution adopted by Congress may include special “reconciliation” instructions. The original purpose of the reconciliation process as enacted in the Congressional Budget and Impoundment Control Act of 1974 was to allow Congress at the end of a fiscal year to expeditiously enact legislation that would make minor adjustments to both spending and revenue levels. Historically, however, Congressional majorities have used the reconciliation process to pass large-scale spending and revenue policies, mainly because reconciliation allows Congress to expedite legislation under a more limited (i.e. filibuster-proof) set of procedural rules.”

Hopefully Congress’s attempt to fast track the bill to defund Planned Parenthood will work. However, you know that Obama will veto the bill as soon as it reaches his desk. While Republicans don’t have enough votes in the Senate to override Obama’s veto, there might be some Democrats that will also vote to override the veto as abortion is becoming a very unpopular thing among the populace.

If they don’t get enough votes to override Obama’s veto, then the defunding of Planned Parenthood depends upon the presidential election this November. If a Republican wins the White House in November, then the defunding of the nation’s #1 baby killing organization is assured, their existence will suffer greatly and they will possibly be forced to close many if not all of their bloody clinics that kill the unborn.

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