Planned Parenthood Reaps Huge Profit Thanks to Taxpayer Dollars

Barack Obama and Democrats disregard for life have protected Planned Parenthood’s murderous ways by funding them with over $500 million of taxpayer money every year. A year ago, a report from The Daily Signal indicated that 45% of Planned Parenthood’s total revenue came from taxpayer funds given them by a liberal Democratic Congress.

In the same report, it was stated that for the fiscal year 2011-2012, Planned Parenthood performed 333,964 abortions. Consider that in July 2011, the US population was only 311.59 million people and in July 2012 it increased to 313.91 million. In the same time period, Planned Parenthood murdered 1 baby for every 100 people in America.

In their latest annual report for the fiscal year 2013-2014, they reported that they killed another 327,653 babies. That’s still just over 1 murdered baby for every 100 Americans. Now consider the fact that over the years, they have committed more murders and atrocities than Hitler’s Nazi Germany. The difference is that our government, with the help of other nations, destroyed Hitler’s Nazi Germany, but today, our government is actually paying for the murderous atrocities to continue.

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Jim Sedlak, Vice President of American Life League and an expert on Planned Parenthood told

“Last year, Planned Parenthood reported doing 327,653 abortions, which was just a few hundred more than had been done the year before. For everything else, the number of clients is down, the number of birth-control services is down, the number of prenatal services is down.”

Another fact stated in their annual report is that Planned Parenthood reported a total income of $1.3 billion. Nearly half of that income came from your and my hard earned tax dollars.

Sedlak commented:

“That’s a record income for Planned Parenthood, and it reported a profit last year of $127 million, which is the second largest profit in its history.”

Why is a non-profit agency reporting a profit of $127 million? Sedlak says that since they are a non-profit that if Congress insists on funding them that those funds should be reduced by $127 million.

In addition to murdering 1 baby for every 100 people in the US, Planned Parenthood continues to offer contraceptives to young people without parental knowledge or permission. They work in many public schools teaching kids that sex is okay as long as long as they practice safe sex. The government funded non-profit organization also teaches young teens to avoid parental authority and to hide their sexual activities from their parents. They have also provided information to minors on how to obtain an abortion and bypass laws that require parental consent. Basically, Planned Parenthood is not just a murdering organization but they actively work to destroy the very fabric of the family and parental authority.

I would like to see the Republican controlled Congress completely defund Planned Parenthood and stop the use of our tax dollars to pay for murdering unborn babies. I would also like to see Congress pass laws that ban Planned Parenthood from working in the public schools and ban them from providing free contraceptives to minors. To be perfectly honest, I would like to see Congress shut down Planned Parenthood for good.

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