Planned Parenthood Staff & Patients Walk In & Breathe Fecal Material

Imagine walking into a clinic of any kind and finding it contaminated with fecal material from a sewer back up.  Ignoring the stench, you go to sit on a chair in the waiting room and find it stained with blood and vaginal secretions.  Eventually, you get escorted into an exam room and asked to sit on an exam table that is torn and the foam soaked with all kinds of bodily fluids.  On your way back to the exam room, you notice that the emergency door is blocked with dozens of cardboard boxes and other trash.  Then when the nurse goes to retrieve the medicine she is about to give you, you see that it is in the same refrigerator where the staff keeps their lunches.  As you make your way out of the cesspool clinic, you realize that the organization that runs it receives almost half a billion dollars a year in taxpayer money and this is what you get for your taxes.

The description above is not made up.  The conditions were reported anonymously by a staff worker at the Planned Parenthood clinic in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania.  It is a non-abortion clinic that mostly specializes in seeing and treating people with STDs and HIV.  Now think about the blood stained chairs and exam table with the torn covering allowing the foam inside to sponge up anything and everything you would not want to get near.

In clinics that perform abortions, the Health Department mandates that chairs are non-permeable, but there is no such mandate for non-abortion clinics.  The clinic has submitted numerous requests to replace their stained and possibly infectious chairs, but the corporate office keeps telling them it’s not in the budget.  They get the same answer from corporate concerning the exam table which is a definite health hazard.

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When the refrigerator that holds all of the meds and cold-storage birth control items died, they requested a replacement.  After months of frustration, the staff threatened to quit, so corporate finally sent them a replacement. During those months, they had no choice but to store the medical supplies in the same frig as the staff uses for lunches and other foods, which is a violation of the health code.  When the replacement frig arrived, it was ‘DRIPPING in mold and mildew.’  They had to use hospital strength cleaner and disinfectant to clean it up enough to use for the medical supplies.

But wait, there’s more.  The conditions are worse yet.  According to the anonymous staff worker dubbed Lola:

“On August 28 [2013] the sewer line backed up, causing a waterfall of crap to cascade and fill the basement.  RotoRooter found tampons, used condoms, drug paraphernalia, and other stuff clogging the lines. The center was covered from front to back in fecal footprints as RotoRooter and the manager had to go up and downstairs to test various things.”

“An emergency call was made that night to every single regional manager, but no one picked up.  Finally we called the head of finance, asking for someone to come out and help. We were scared. The place stunk like corpses. We were nauseous and wretching. But the finance manager said the only person who could come out was already ‘in her nightgown, so do the best you can.’”

“A biohazardous clean-up crew did not show up for 48 hours, because corporate was price shopping.  Meanwhile, corporate refused to close the place. Patients and their children – and us – were walking and breathing in feces for two days.”

“After the clean-up, they sprayed a sporicide and industrial strength cleaner. Again, corporate refused to let staff leave. We all began to go into respiratory distress, sharing the same asthma inhaler.”

The anonymous employee of the clinic, identified by the pseudonym of Lola, described the overall condition of the clinic, saying:

“Actually, the whole place was filthy – what you would expect at Gosnell’s clinic.”

Evidently, it’s very hard for non-abortion Planned Parenthood clinics to get any financial help, even when the conditions endanger the health of their patients and staff.  Apparently money is more important than health, and yet all you hear from Planned Parenthood is that they are all about women’s health.  Planned Parenthood consistently claims that they are not focused on abortions but on the many other health needs of women, but when it comes down to the bottom line, it seems that non-abortion clinics are financially ignored.

Remember the saying that actions speak louder than words?  From their actions, Planned Parenthood is concerned about abortion and money and could really care less about women’s health.  Just ask the staff and patients at the non-abortion clinic in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania.

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