Plastic Guns! Plastic Guns! Run For Your Lives!

Do any of you recall the 1966 movie The Russians Are Coming starring Alan Arkin and Carl Reiner?  In one scene, a Russian sub had run aground off the New England coast. When someone realizes what’s happened and sees the Russian sailors coming ashore, the people begin to panic as word goes out ‘The Russians are coming!  The Russians are coming!’  They react and begin to arm themselves, ready to do battle, not realizing that the Russians only want help to tow their sub back out to sea.

Reading about Sen. Chuck Schumer’s (D-NY) latest tirade about gun control, it reminds me of the panicking reactions of the Americans to the Russians in the movie.  He’s running around hollering plastic guns are coming unless we stop them now.

Schumer is referring to the Undetectable Firearms Act of 1988 that is due to expire in a couple of weeks.  The law passed largely in response to handguns such as the Glock 17 that was manufactured in the early to mid-1980s.  A large part of the handgun was made of polymers instead of metal, making the gun harder to detect with the metal detectors of the day.

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The Undetectable Firearms Act banned any firearm that contained less than 3.7 ounces of metal in its construction.  Originally, the law was for ten years and in 1998, Congress renewed it for another five years.  In 2003, it was again renewed for another ten years which is ending in less than three weeks on December 9.

When the law was first passed, very few guns were affected by the law, which is why the NRA didn’t oppose it at the time.  However, that is not the care today as 3-D printers have successfully been able to produce workable guns made from plastics and polymers.

Schumer is reacting to the threat of these plastic guns saying that if the law is not renewed that anyone could build a gun that could go undetected by metal detectors and be taken on board planes, into sporting events, courthouses and other government buildings.

But let me ask Sen. Schumer the following question: if a person wants to intentionally commit an act of violence or terrorism, will banning any type of firearm really stop them?

Statistics from around the world have proven two things.  Strict gun control laws only affect law abiding citizens in that criminals will get guns no matter what, especially if they want them and will use them on citizens that have been disarmed because of the gun control laws.  Secondly and more importantly, gun control laws only serve the purposes of the government and have nothing to do with safety and crime.

  • Consider the fact that bombs of any kind are illegal, yet that didn’t stop the shoe bomber or underwear bomber from getting on board planes.
  • Consider the fact that Hitler used gun control and gun bans to disarm the German people in in the 1930s.
  • Consider the fact that when Australia banned private ownership of most guns in 1996, most categories of gun related crimes increased over the next decade.
  • Consider the fact that most of the cities in the US that have the strictest gun control laws also have above average percentages of gun related crimes.

There are a lot of other far more important things in Washington to worry about than plastic guns.  Instead of running around warning everyone about the impending doom plastic guns will bring, I suggest that Sen. Schumer spend his time trying to come up with workable solutions to a failing economy, sagging job market, repressed retail sales, securing our borders and how to ship 11 million illegals back to their countries and tell them to come here legally like millions of others have.

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