Playground Squabble Erupts On Capitol Hill

The playground bully broadcast his challenge to the nation and all the kids are still up in a stir.  Some have remained loyal to their side while others sound like their switching sides.  Some are ready to duke it out while others are searching for a peaceful resolution.

That’s the way I see President Obama’s jobs speech and the vocal aftermath from both parties.  Obama the bully threw down the gauntlet and challenged the Republicans to do their jobs.  And like most bullies, he didn’t tell the truth of what’s been happening.  Not once did he mention that the House Republicans have passed twelve pieces of legislation that would have helped to create jobs and spur the economy.  He also didn’t tell anyone that the Senate Democrats wouldn’t even look at eleven of the House measures.  But in typical bully fashion, he hides the truth and accuses the Republicans of not doing anything to help the average American find a job or keep their home.  He also says he wants to streamline the process and eliminate a number of regulations while at the same time, his administration has created more regulations in the past two and half years as any other administration has done in their four or eight year term.

Republican House Majority Leader Eric Cantor crossed over the line to the other side when he announced that many of Obama’s job plans will be passed by the Republican controlled House.  A number of other Republicans are less optimistic and don’t believe a number of Obama’s ideas will live to see the light of day.

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Nancy Pelosi reminds me of a little puppy dog that’s just happy to follow its owner around without a clue of what’s really going on.  She just smiles and grins and bruises her hands applauding so hard for her master.

And like some skeptical Republicans, there have even been some whispers amongst the Democratic ranks saying Obama’s plans won’t work.

Bottom line is, there are still a number of kiddies on both sides hollering, ‘yes you did’ and ‘no I didn’t’ and none of them want to play with the other kiddies regardless of what they say or do.   In the meantime, the big bully standing on the stump wants to spend nearly a half a trillion dollars that we don’t have to try to create jobs that probably aren’t going to happen.

I for one, don’t expect any miracles to happen in the job market of economy until after the 2012 election when Republicans gain control of the White House and Senate.


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