Pledge Of Allegiance: What Difference Does It Make In Michigan Schools?

When I went to public school, we opened everyday with the Pledge of Allegiance and prayer.  We were taught what the American flag, that flew in every classroom, stood for.  Flag etiquette was taught and we learned to respect the symbol of our nation.  Our teachers also taught us to be proud of the flag and our country and the great price in human lives it cost to create America and to preserve it for two centuries.

Patriotism was an important part of our education as everything else centered around learning as much as we could so we could do our part to provide for our families and keep America strong.

Today, most of that vital instruction has been removed from classrooms across our nation.  The liberal and progressive controlled public school system doesn’t want kids to be patriotic or proud of American anymore.  They want them to see America as the evil that is ruing the world.  Instead of being taught American patriotism, they are being taught globalism.  Remember the popular song – We Are The World?  That’s globalism in a nutshell.

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To show what I mean, look at what’s happening in Michigan schools.  Evidently there were enough old school lawmakers in the Michigan legislature because they passed a law last year requiring the American flag be displayed in every public school classroom.  The law also required that every public school is to recite the Pledge of Allegiance every morning.

Who in their right minds would have a problem with that?

A couple of public school superintendents of large districts are not in favor of the new law.  Jon Felske, Superintendent of the Muskegon School District commented saying:

“When we’re having billion-dollar issues about public education, does this … make a difference in the quality of education for our students?  I have no problem doing it, but is that the biggest educational thing we were able to achieve last year? I’m not non-patriotic, but ….”

Felske ignores the fact that the Michigan legislature also passed other measures in the past couple of years that will help to improve the quality of education.  One of those measures is the right to work law.  Teachers are no longer slaves to the unions under the new right to work law.  They are free to leave the union and concentrate more on being a good teacher than following liberal union party lines.

Dave Peden, Superintendent of the Mona Shores Public Schools in the Muskegon area doesn’t believe that you should force anyone to say the Pledge of Allegiance.  He suggested that every family recite the Pledge before leaving the house in the morning instead.  He demonstrated his true feeling about the Pledge of Allegiance when he said:

“If it increases student achievement, I’m all for it. I’ve not been able to make that connection yet.  If we felt it was important, we would have already been doing it. Now that we’re forced to, we’ll be doing it.”

“But in the big scheme of things, what difference does it make?  We have so many other things to worry about.”

There you have it.  If it doesn’t improve their test scores, then it’s a waste of time and has no value.  I say that’s part of the problem, that educators are no longer teaching kids anything about our country or the basics of civics.  Instead, today’s students know that George Bush, Bill Clinton or bin Laden are vice president, the US gained their independence in the Civil War and Korean War, there are 52 stars on the flag, the countries that border the United States include Mexico, South America, Canada – nope because that’s a state and some students say there are just too many countries to count, and countries that start with the letter U include Europe.

Actually, the words of the Pledge of Allegiance have a lot of meaning if only teachers cared to teach it.  “And to the republic,” many people believe America is a democracy but it’s not; it is a republic.  To begin with, the word ‘democracy’ does not appear anywhere in the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution.  However, in Article 4, Section 4 of the US Constitution, it says:

“The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government,…”

There are many definitions of ‘republic’ and ‘democracy’ out there but I have always remembered what Sen. Barry Goldwater told a committee one day when someone referred to America as a democracy.  I was sitting next to Goldwater when he slammed his fist on the table and said that America is not a democracy, rather it is a republic.  The poor gentleman, a state politician, asked what’s the difference?  Goldwater told him a republic is run by the will of the people and that everyone is subject to the same laws, same status and same rights as everyone else.  And a republic defends the rights of the people given to them by Almighty God.  A democracy is run by a group of bureaucrats who assume the role of God and dispersing rights to the people and who believe that they are privileged and above the law that governs the common folk.

Former Supreme Court Chief Justice John Marshall once said:

“Between a balanced republic and a democracy, the difference is like that between order and chaos.”

Former President James Madison stated:

“Democracy was the right of the people to choose their own tyrant.”

Then there is the phrase, “one nation under God.”  That phrase was specifically chosen to show that America was a Christian nation and that our rule and rights were given to us by God and not by men.

“Indivisible” means that America is united, strong and held together by the bonds of the Constitution.

“With liberty.”  Thousands of colonial men and women fought and died to gain our liberty.  Liberty from the tyranny of a democracy like that of the British throne.

When addressing the US Senate in 1834, Daniel Webster stated:

“God grants liberty only to those who love it and are always ready to guard and defend it.”

Benjamin Rush, a signer of the Declaration of Independence wrote:

“The only foundation for…a republic is to be laid in Religion.  Without this there can be no virtue, and without virtue there can be no liberty, and liberty is the object and life of all republican governments.”

“And justice for all.”  Under a democracy, there is no justice for all and what justice there is, it is generally not equal.  Under the tyranny of Great Britain, the colonists only had what justice the British government would allow them to have.  It’s the same in a democracy.  In a republic, there is equal justice for all.  Everyone is equal in the eyes of the law and courts, or is supposed to be.

One of the best explanations of the Pledge of Allegiance was given by comedian Red Skelton.  this comedian knows more about education that Michigan’s educators. Watch and listen as he has much to teach the Michigan school superintendents and to students everywhere:

There is so much that can be taught about America just from the Pledge of Allegiance, but perhaps the saddest lesson of all is that America is being turned into a democracy and is no longer the republic it was intended to be.  The government is above the law and dead set on determining just what rights they’ll allow us to have.   We have lost much of our liberty and justice is no longer equal for all.

For educators like those in Michigan to say that the Pledge makes no difference are themselves uneducated and in my opinion un-American and have no right to be heading the education of hundreds of kids.  If I were a parent in one of those districts, I would be calling for the resignation and replacement of those superintendents and demanding to get someone who actually cares about our country and will teach that to the students.

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