Police Confiscate Man’s Guns Over Son’s “Threat” To Use Water Gun At School

It seems like every day now there’s a story about a little kid who gets suspended for thinking about or making gestures that resemble a gun. As Eric Holder said years ago, they’re trying to brainwash these kids into thinking that guns are inherently evil so that they won’t ever even want one.

This is why the State thinks it owns our kids. They want to condition them to not want guns. This way, the State doesn’t have to worry so much about gun confiscation later on. Maybe in 20 or 30 years, most Americans won’t even want to own guns, because they had been conditioned at a young age by their parent State to abhor them.

The latest “brainwashing session” comes out of New York where legal gun owner John Mayer (no, not that John Mayer) had his guns confiscated by police and his gun license revoked all because of what his son said at school:

 “Mayer’s 10-year-old son discovered that some of his friends had been bullied by other boys and there had been a scuffle on the schoolyard. Mayer’s son discussed a plan with two other boys to bring a water pistol, a paintball gun and a BB gun to the home of the bullies involved in the incident. Despite the fact that the boys involved do not even own any of the guns mentioned, when the school principle found out about the conversation, he suspended Mayer’s son for two days and filed a police report.”

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 If you see something (or hear something), say something, right? Maybe the principle feared that if the boys had actually carried out their conspiracy to confront the bully with a gun filled with dihydrogen monoxide or tiny plastic balls, he might have gotten in trouble for not alerting the police since he knew about their evil plot. So, he had to do something to thwart their elaborate plan.

And his decision to get the police involved prompted the Pistol Licensing department to contact Mayer to let him know his license had been revoked. He was told that his license would be restored only when his son turned 18 and moved out of the house.

They informed Mayer that the police would be paying him a visit to take his guns away. When they came, that saw that his guns (collectively worth about $6,500) were all properly secured and inaccessible by his son. The police didn’t care. They were just doing their jobs. And while they were at it, they threatened to interrogate his son.

All this because a 10-year-old talked about confronting a school bully with toy guns that he didn’t even have.

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