Police Dogs Accused Of Being Racists

It’s not uncommon to hear minorities claim racial prejudice against police departments across the nation.  From the infamous Rodney King case in Los Angeles to the DOJ lawsuit against the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Department, racial prejudice and profiling charges are like a plague in law enforcement.

But this is the first time that I’ve heard of police dogs being called racist.

The Police Assessment Resource Center (Parc) is a non-profit organization whose goal is to advance effective and accountable law enforcement.  They claim that the police dogs are biting more Hispanics and blacks than whites.  In 2004, thirty Hispanics were bitten by Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department police dogs and in 2012 there were thirty-nine Hispanics bitten; an increase of 30%.  Likewise the number of blacks bitten by LASD police dogs rose by thirty-three percent.  Besides, I hardly consider an increase of 9 dog bites over 8 years is that significant.  I bet the use of other police methods used for apprehending suspects has increased more than 9 instances over the past 8 years.

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The Parc report stated:

 “Large swathes of LASD’s jurisdiction, encompassing generally affluent areas with smaller minority populations, had few [canine] deployments or bites.”

“Crime rates are lower in these areas, but the stark disparity leads us to wonder why canine deployments seem to occur disproportionately in less affluent areas with larger minority populations.”

The report seemed to go out of its way to present a case of racist dog bites, but they didn’t address the fact that crime rates are higher in the neighborhoods where the dog bites have occurred than in the other more affluent neighborhoods.  Therefore, it only makes sense that there would be more dog bites in areas of higher crime.

The Parc report also states that dog bites caused more injuries than alternative deterrents such as batons, tear gas and even guns.  I found this statement to be completely biased and asinine.  How can a dog bite cause more injury than a gun?  After the negative publicity and convictions of the LA police officers after they used their batons on Rodney King it makes sense that they would prefer to use their dogs than their batons.  Then there is tear gas.  When have you ever heard of a police officer using tear gas on a fleeing suspect?

I know today’s police officers are not saints, but the Parc report reeks of racial prejudice on their part more than on the part of police dogs.  Too many of these supposed community organizations look for things that they can turn into an issue to push their own agenda to discredit the police and make a name for themselves.  It would not surprise me to find out that Parc had a similar agenda.

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