Police Lives DON’T Matter to Racial Activists

We’ve all heard that black lives matter and I’ve written several times lately to show the racial hypocrisy behind this campaign. It’s obvious that black lives only matter when they were killed by a white or Hispanic. However, since the vast majority of blacks murdered are murdered by other blacks, it’s also obvious that black lives don’t matter to other blacks.

It’s also obvious that the racial activists behind the Black Lives Matter campaign care nothing about the lives of other minorities. Recently a legal Hispanic immigrant killed an American Indian couple and wounded their daughter just because the daughter laughed at him. But we haven’t seen a huge public outcry or anyone claiming that American Indian Lives Matter.

It’s also obvious that the racial activists behind the Black Lives Matter campaign care nothing about the lives of law enforcement officers murdered by blacks. This past weekend another black man senselessly murdered another police officer who just happens to be white.

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Memphis Police Officer Sean Bolton stopped to check on a car that was illegally parked. Tremaine Wilbourn, a black man who was a passenger in the car jumped out of the car and confronted Bolton. A brief struggle ensued when Wilbourn shot Bolton multiple times, killing him.

Toney Armstrong, Director of the Memphis Police, told the media:

“Officer Bolton apparently interrupted some sort of drug transaction. A digital scale and a small baggie of marijuana … were located inside of the vehicle.”

“We’re talking about less than 2 grams of marijuana. You’re talking about a misdemeanor citation. We probably would not have even transported for that.”

The murder of Officer Bolton makes the 19th time a law enforcement officer has been murdered by violent criminals this year. That’s more than the number of blacks that have been killed by law enforcement officers this year. When you realize that there are many times more blacks in America than law enforcement officers, that makes the incidence of murdered cops even higher.

But no one is protesting, burning cars and businesses and acting like idiots for the fallen police officers like they have for a few blacks who got themselves killed by failing to comply with police instructions. We don’t see any racial activists holding signs saying that police lives matter.

In another case, Marvin Gee, a black man living in Christian County, KY was arrested after making a post on Craig’s List to call others to kill cops. He even instructs them to shoot them in the head and not the chest.

Many of these racially charged blacks say that they fear for their lives every day at the hands of law enforcement, but do they have any understanding how law enforcement officers feel every day they put on their uniforms and step out their door? They have one of the more dangerous jobs in all of America and none of them have any assurance that they will make it home to hug their families at the end of their shift.

Every time a police officer stops a car they have no idea who or what they will be confronted with. They don’t know if the person has a loaded gun with them or will take off and lead them in a dangerous high speed chase. Any time they knock on a door to answer a call or during the process of an investigation, they don’t know who or what is behind that door and if they are armed or not.

I have family and friends that have been in law enforcement and I’ve ridden with law enforcement officers while on the job. They have to live on the edge, always being ready to react if someone confronts them with a gun, knife or any other weapon.

I challenge Al Sharpton and every other racial activist who apparently hates law enforcement officers to spend a few weeks in their shoes. Have them experience the uncertainty of walking up behind a car that they just pulled over or knock on a suspect’s door. Have them wear a heart monitor to record the changes in their heartrate when they knock on the door and approach a driver of a vehicle. Also have them be there when a suspect is arrested and if they’re lucky they might get to witness how it feels when the suspect resists arrest.

Perhaps then we’ll see more signs that read Police Lives Matter and fewer racist signs singling out black lives at the exclusion of all others. Realistically, we need to hold up signs that say All Lives Matter. That means blacks, whites, Hispanics, American Indian, Asian, law enforcement and unborn. All lives do matter, not just one specific group.

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