Police Officer Murdered by Black Man! Where Is Al Sharpton Now?

I have family and friends that are or have been law enforcement officers and they all agree that they never know when they walk out the door to go to work if they will ever return home and see their families again. Every day they put on their uniforms and strap on their service weapons, they pray they never have to use those weapons. Yet, despite the danger and possible personal harm, they choose to go to work to protect you and me by enforcing the laws and trying to keep our streets and neighborhoods safe. They knowingly are willing to make the ultimate sacrifice on our behalf, something few of us would be willing to do for people you don’t know.

But over the past couple of years, more and more police officers are facing additional threats for carrying out their jobs, which is placing their lives in greater danger than ever before. It seems that any police officer who defends him/herself and ends up killing a black person is accused of racism and finds themselves also facing possible criminal charges.

Take Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson who shot and killed Michael Brown AFTER Brown had assaulted Wilson and shattering his orbital socket. Yet, Brown was villainized for defending his own life by black activists who care nothing for the truth. Wilson was acquitted of any wrong doing and even a number of blacks testified as to what took place, but that didn’t matter to racial bigots like Al Sharpton, who wasted no time demanding justice for Brown. It seems the only thing that would have appeased Sharpton and other black activists would have been for Brown to have killed Wilson with his bare hands. Then they would have honored and praised the thug, thief and bully.

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After Ferguson, blacks all over the country were chanting ‘Black Lives Matter.’ They held signs and made t-shirts. Even a number of professional black athletes were caught into the racist fad as if it was the hip or popular thing to do because everyone else was doing it.

Last December, New York City Police Officers Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos were senselessly gunned down Ismaaiyl Abdullah Brinsley, a black man. No one labeled the killings as being racial. I don’t recall seeing or hearing Sharpton condemning the shootings.

Friday morning, Cincinnati Police Officer Sunny Kim was shot and killed responding to a call of someone with a gun acting erratic. Kim, 48 years old legally emigrated from South Korea to the US in 1973. He spent 27 years with the Cincinnati Police Department, earning 22 commendations.

Trepierre Hummons, a black man was the person with the gun acting erratically when Officer Kim arrived on the scene. Hummons has been convicted in the past for disorderly conduct and five traffic violations.

The details of exactly what happened between Kim and Hummons have yet been revealed, but we do know that Hummons shot and killed Officer Kim. Hummons was also shot and killed.

Here we have a black man shooting and killing an oriental police officer. Couldn’t that be defined as a racial crime, just like black activists hollered in Ferguson? Where is the mighty Rev. Al Sharpton and hate filled racist slurs and accusations of Hummons? If black lives matter, shouldn’t police lives matter also, if not more so?

I seriously doubt if we’ll hear anything from Sharpton or other racist black activists, because it’s a black that killed an oriental. Had Kim been white, they would probably be flocking to Cincinnati to accuse a murdered police office of killing another poor black person. Racism in America is obviously one-sided. It seems that only white people can be guilty of being racist when so many blacks harbor greater hatred for whites.

Law enforcement personnel lay their lives on the line every day they walk out their front door. They do it for you, me and thousands of other people they’ve never even met. Shouldn’t we all be holding up signs, wearing t-shirts and shouting “POLICE LIVES MATTER”?

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