Police Stand By as Protester Steals Pro-Life Display

The police do not have to agree with a position to enforce the law.

Theft is theft.

Pro-life groups have been fighting abortion extremists for decades. It’s sad, however, when civil officials who have sworn to uphold the law ignore it.

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Maybe they’ve taken a page out of President Obama’s political playbook.

If there is a dispute with a business because of access, it’s the obligation of the politic to to work out a solution.

The following is from Mark Harrington of Created Equal. Watch the video for evidence the criminal actions and the indifference of the police.


On Thursday July 17, 2014, Created Equal visited Jackson, MS, site of the state’s last remaining abortion facility as part of Day 4 of our Summer Justice Ride.  Upon arrival, and despite several attempts by Created Equal’s Mark Harrington to convince police to intervene, our property was stolen while police stood idly by.

“The City of Jackson is required to guarantee everyone the right to free speech, not assist our opposition in interfering in the exercise of our speech.  Police allowed interference of our constitutionally protected first amendment activity.  This kind of outrageous interference of free speech will not be allowed to stand.” – Mark Harrington, Executive Director, Created Equal.

We have filed charges against Mike Peters, the perpetrator, who is the owner of Fondren Corner which is located at 2906 N. State St, Jackson, MS—across the street from the abortion center.

Unfortunately, Jackson has a reputation that precedes itself. The Jackson Police Department has a long history of harassment against and targeting of pro-life advocates. In 2006, Pro-Life Mississippi and some of its members sued several police officers for their pattern of violating the rights of pro-life speakers.

In, 2008, the City signed a consent decree, agreeing that they would no longer interfere with the free speech rights of these advocates, and also agreeing to mandatory annual training for police officers in respect for the First Amendment rights of all speakers.

However, as soon as the Court’s jurisdiction over the decree expired, Jackson police resumed their pattern of singling out pro-life speakers for harassment and false arrests. Pro-life advocates in Jackson are preparing to sue the City for its violation of their civil rights.

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