Policy of Paralysis: Romney’s Description of Obama’s Handling of Syrian Massacres

Over the past year and half, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has been systematically killing thousands of his own people, claiming they are dissidents trying to overthrow his government.

Over the past year and half, US President Barack Obama seems to have done nothing to condemn or stop the Syrian genocide.

This past weekend, Syrian government forces attacked the city of Houla and killed 108 people.  Many of the victims were women and children who had been executed at close range.  Once I heard the news of the senseless and tragic massacre, I waited for Obama to respond, but like the past year and half, his silence echoed through the international halls of justice.

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On Tuesday, the US State Department expelled Syrian diplomats, but that is as far as the administration has gone.

GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney has not only condemned the actions of Assad and his government, but he also condemned Obama’s lack of action stating,

“I welcome the expulsion of Syrian diplomats by the United States and other partner nations, but it only underscores the need for more assertive measures to end the Assad regime.”

“President Obama’s lack of leadership has resulted in a policy of paralysis that has watched Assad slaughter 10,000 individuals.”

“We should increase pressure on Russia to cease selling arms to the Syrian government and to end its obstruction at the United Nations, and we should work with partners to arm the opposition so they can defend themselves.”

“The Assad regime’s massacre of civilians in Houla — many of them young children — is horrific.  After nearly a year and a half of slaughter, it is far past time for the United States to begin to lead and put an end to the Assad regime.”

Almost immediately, the White House defended its lack of action when press secretary Jay Carney said,

“The concern is that further militarization of the situation in Syria could lead to greater chaos, could make it harder to achieve the political transition that the Syrian people deserve.  The nature and shape of and membership of the opposition is still something that we and our partners are assessing and that is another consideration that has to be acknowledged when efforts like that are undertaken.”

That is one of the most stupid and asinine excuses I’ve heard out of the White House in some time.  How much greater chaos could there be when the government is killing men, women and children that are totally defenseless?  Arming the people resisting Assad’s reign of blood and tyranny will at least give them a fighting chance to defend themselves and hopefully overthrow their ruthless tyrant.

Obama has had a year and half to determine the sides in the Syrian conflict and you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know who is who.  On one side you have Assad and his imperial storm troopers and on the other side you have the people of Syria.  And while Obama tries to figure this out, Assad will continue to slaughter women and children in one of the worst bloodbaths of our day.

Obama is quick to take action against Americans such as Sheriff Joe Arpaio who are just trying to uphold the laws of the land, but when it comes to taking action to save thousands of innocent lives, he sits in his ivory tower and turns a deaf ear to their dying cries for help.  Then Obama has the gall to say that Romney lacks any experience in foreign policy.  To be honest, the same can be said of Obama because if you don’t do anything, then you have no experience, do you?

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