Poll Reveals Voters Want GOP House and Senate

We all know that the current Congress has been one of the most ineffective ones in our nation’s history. A number of polls have given Congress the lowest approval ratings since ratings have been taken.

It’s all due to the fact that the Democratic controlled Senate refuses to listen to or work with House Republicans. They demand everything to be their way or no way. There are several hundred bills that the House has sent to the Senate that have never been considered because Harry Reid refuses to look at them.

If the latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal /Marist Poll is accurate, the political stalemate in Washington may come to an end after this November’s midterm election. Before I share the results with you, I want you to realize that NBC and the Wall Street Journal are not known for their conservative political views.

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Their poll asked if the people believed Congress to be very productive, productive, somewhat productive, somewhat unproductive or very unproductive this year. For registered voters, only 3% said they believed Congress to very productive while 50% said very unproductive.

When asked if they wanted to see Republicans maintain control of the House or see the Democrats take control, it was a close call among registered voters. Republican control drew 43% and Democratic control garnered 41% with 16% undecided.

They asked the same question about the Senate, if they wanted to see the Democrats maintain control of the Senate or if they wanted to see Republicans take control. Among registered voters, 41% said they wanted to see the Democrats maintain control but 43% said they would prefer the Republicans take control of the Senate.

In case you are curious, the poll asked about party affiliation of those responding. Among registered voters, 26% claimed to be soft Democrats and 19% were strong Democrats for a total of 45%. On the flip side, 24% identified themselves as soft Republicans and 18% as strong Republicans for a total of only 42%.

Slightly more registered voters were Democrats and yet slightly more of the registered voters favored Republican control of both the House and Senate. Even though the numbers were close, they could be more significant since being reported by a known liberal pollster group.  Hopefully, this poll, which is showing similar results as other polls will bear out to be true come November and the GOP wins control of the Senate and keeps the House and is able to shut Obama down.

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