Poll Shows Barack Obama’s Fall to Earth

After last November’s election, you would think that President Barack Obama was so popular and that so many Americans were blind and stupid that his glory would shine for years to come.

However, according to the latest McClatchy-Marist Poll, Barack Obama is falling to earth nearly as fast as Icarus when his wings of wax melted as he approached the sun.

In their latest poll, Barack Obama garnered only 45% of voter approval while 48% of voters disapproved of the work he has done since November.  This is the lowest approval rating Obama has had in the McClatchy-Marist poll since November 2011.

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In December 2012, Barack Obama was rated on his personal popularity.  At that time he received 53% approval and 44% disapproval on personal popularity.  Those figures have dropped 48% approval and 48% disapproval.  Again, this is the lowest since November 2011.

When asked about the direction of the nation’s economy, only 34% of voters indicated they believe we are headed in the right direction and 62% of voters said they believe we are headed in the wrong direction.  Guess what?  Yep, lowest since November 2011.

Voters were asked if they believe the country is still in a recession or not.  Despite the government’s erroneously increasing jobs figures and the gains made in the stock market, 34% said we were not a recession while 62% said they believe we are still in a recession.

Does the future hold optimism or pessimism?  When asked if they thought they would be better or worse off in the coming year, 22% said better off; 36% said worse off and 41% indicated they will be about the same in a year.

Perhaps the only category that Barack Obama’s ratings were up was when he was compared to Congress.  When asked, only 26% of voters said they believe that congressional Republicans are doing their jobs, and 31% said that Democrats are doing their jobs.  On the reverse side of that question, 62% said congressional Democrats were not doing their jobs, and 68% said congressional Republicans weren’t doing their jobs either.

The one aspect of the poll that concerned me was the question of who bears most of the fault for the sequester and the automatic $85 billion budget cut.  Only 37% blamed President Barack Obama while 45% blamed Republicans.  It seems that many of those polled fail to realize that the sequester was Obama’s idea and he had the final say on it and had to sign it for it to go into effect.  President Obama stands up and tells everyone that it was the Republican who refused to compromise when in fact it was Obama who refused from the very beginning.  He’s like the kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar who stands there and blame’s his kid sister.

What I didn’t understand in the poll is that even though more people blame the Republicans for the sequester mess, 44% of the voters said they preferred the GOP approach to handling the national deficit compared to 42% who do not.  Does it makes sense that more voters prefer the Republican way handling the deficit, yet they still blame the same Republicans for the sequester mess?  It seems like reverse logic to me.

Regardless, I’m thrilled to see that President Barack Obama’s shining gleam is rapidly becoming tarnished.  I wonder how much of that was due to the fact that everyone’s taxes went up when all during the election he promised not to raise them on middle and lower class Americans?  More Republicans need to be telling the idiots that voted for Obama that they told them so.  They kept warning them that Obama’s plan was raise taxes on everyone and the fools kept believing Obama’s lies instead.  Now look at the mess it’s gotten us into.

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