Pope Calls for Help for Christians; Obama ‘Considers’

President Obama is supposedly considering airstrikes against ISIS forces or airdropping food and supplies to starving Christians trapped on a mountaintop by the bloodthirsty Muslim savages who have taken over much of Iraq.

As many as 40,000 Christians are dying of heat and starvation on top of Mount Sinjar after ISIS, the world’s newly minted caliphate, chased them out of the town they’ve lived in for hundreds of years.

Pope Francis has issued a call to the world’s leaders to end the crisis by intervening in Iraq.

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His Holiness addresses an urgent appeal to the international community to take action to end the humanitarian tragedy now underway, to act to protect those affected or threatened by violence and to provide aid, especially for the most urgent needs of the many who have been forced to flee and who depend on the solidarity of others,” said a Vatican statement.

Back in D.C., the White House reports that action — actual action — is being considered by President Obama, the world leader most directly responsible for the current state of things in Iraq.

Presumably, King Putt is doing all this considering between holes on the golf course. Up till now, he’s been content to do precisely nothing as Iraq has disintegrated after he pulled out all of our troops.

White House press secretary Josh Earnest earnestly said that the Administration is concerned that the attacks by ISIS on Christians are “cold and calculated,” which is a fair if understated thing to say when you’re talking about a group that wants to behead every member of another group that just wants to live in peace.

Earnest added, “These actions have exacerbated an already dire crisis, and the situation is nearing a humanitarian catastrophe.”

Nearing? How many thousands of dead Christians actually equals a humanitarian catastrophe, you have to wonder. This would be handy information so that we can be sure the target’s been hit before King Putt goes off half-cocked and draws a red line in the sand or something equally impressive.

The ISIS campaign to collect Christian heads “demonstrates a callous disregard for human rights and is deeply disturbing,” Earnest said.

It’s good to see that the White House agrees that keeping one’s head attached to one’s body is a human right. It wasn’t clear there for a while.

However, the likelihood of Obama doing more than dropping a few boxes of supplies is low. If you couldn’t have guessed it just by virtue of who’s in the Oval Office, Earnest confirmed that doing something direct, like sending in troops to kick in the bullies’ teeth, is not an option.

“There are no American military solutions to the problems in Iraq. These problems can only be solved with Iraqi political solutions,” Earnest said.

According to the New York Times, the president has been holding back military involvement until Iraq’s Prime Minister al-Maliki steps down.

So in summation, Muslim terrorists whom Obama helped fund through his proxy war in Syria are being allowed free reign in Iraq in order to pressure yet another Middle Eastern country into accepting regime change. Apparently, it’s still an Arab Spring at the White House. Until that happens, the president may drop a box of food so he can be seen to be “doing something” (the caption under this president’s portrait) but otherwise won’t send any actual help to stop the Christian genocide unless his poll numbers slip a couple more notches.

Now, where’s that golf bag?

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