Pope Pelosi Uses Church Ceremony to Push Amnesty

Nancy Pelosi apparently tried to imitate Pope Francis by putting in an appearance at a San Francisco church and participating in the Holy Week foot-washing ceremony.

The pope for the second year made some small waves by choosing to wash the feet of handicapped people, rather than just the feet of priests.

The annual foot-washing is a ceremony that goes back to when Jesus washed the feet of his disciples, as related in the Gospels, to demonstrate that the leaders of the faithful must be humble servants to all. It’s one of the most sacred and touching services in the liturgical year.

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But leave it to the dragon lady to politicize a holy ceremony to further her own agenda.

Pelosi, who is nominally Catholic but publicly defies church teachings against abortion and homosexuality, chose an Episcopal church, St. John the Evangelist in San Francisco, for her performance.

The chosen subjects were immigrants, and Pelosi’s office said she participated in the foot-washing to “honor the dignity and work of immigrants.”

According to SFGate and the Washington Times, Pelosi also talked to the audience about passing HR-15, the amnesty bill that critics say is intended to swell the rolls of registered Democrats. According to Pelosi, the bill would “reduce the deficit by nearly $1 trillion, secure our borders, unite our families, protect our workers and provide an earned pathway to citizenship.”

The media, as would be expected, seem to be in favor of Pelosi upstaging Jesus during Holy Week. At least one paper talked about Pelosi getting back to “her religious roots,” even though she is Catholic and her photo op was staged in an Episcopal church.

Personally, I’m amazed that holy water doesn’t make this woman go up in flames.

Pelosi is the worst kind of Christian, the public leader who openly defies everything the church tries to convey about morals and gets away with it because of her wealth and influence.

Even while she pretends to care about the downtrodden, she is a leader of a political party that is so inflexibly bent on its own political agenda that it has allowed the country to languish economically and socially for five years while it tries to grab ever more power to ensure that it remains unchallenged for years to come.

President Obama may have given Pelosi a rosary blessed by Pope Francis, but it obviously didn’t take.

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