Pope to Meddle in Immigration Debate

Millions of American Catholics really want to like Pope Francis. He’s been given every chance to live up to the office, which has produced some great leaders who realize their responsibility to be a moral compass and adviser to billions of people.

But every once in a while, you just get a stinker.

Francis is right on many things, but his fatal character flaw is his acceptance of and affinity for the same tired socialist doctrines that have ruined so many countries around the world.

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Now, he is expected to bring that outlook to the United States, where the Left is just salivating over the expectation he will intervene in the immigration debate.

The signs do not look promising.

Back in March, a papal spokesman mentioned that the pope would enter the U.S. by crossing the Mexican border if he had time.

Catholic Democrats are touting the pope’s scheduled September address to Congress as a potential game changer.

Rep. Jim McGovern said, “He’s been clear on our failure to respond appropriately to immigrants and refugees. I don’t think anyone will have any doubt on where the church stands on immigration after the pope visits the United States.”

McGovern said that the Catholic Catechism says “more prosperous nations are obliged, to the extent they are able, to welcome the foreigner in search of the security and the means of livelihood, which he cannot find in his country of origin.”

That may be so, but leftists like McGovern and, sadly, the pope seem to have in mind the old Marxist plan of a total transference of wealth.

The reality is, the United States is probably the most generous country on the planet to immigrants, and because of the policies of President Obama and his refusal to enforce immigration law (though he’s not the first), we’ve hit a saturation point.

Immigration laws exist for the protection of the country allowing immigrants to come in, because immigrants bring with them a foreign culture. Any existing culture that does not regulate the influx of foreign influence and allow time for new arrivals to acclimate — as the U.S. currently is not doing — will soon find its culture destroyed.

How bad is it getting? Just look at any of the border states.

In California, a decades-long infiltration by Mexican and other Central American citizens has steadily changed the state, in ways that are seldom appreciated, even to the point where illegal immigrants are filling positions in local governments.

The effect was highlighted in an unexpectedly brilliant manner back on May 1, 2006 (note the socialist “May Day” connection), when immigrant activist groups organized the “Day Without an Immigrant,” also known as the “Great American Strike.”

The concept was that every illegal immigrant and immigrant supporter would stay home that day in order to show what a vital part of the community they were. The idea was that no one would get their yards maintained, pools filled, fast food served, bathrooms cleaned, etc., and it would create a massive inconvenience for citizens, who would then realize the error of their ways.

It backfired spectacularly.

Millions of people in California stayed home. In Los Angeles and other major cities, freeways were not clogged, schools were not overpopulated, police and emergency calls had a one-day dip, lines everywhere were shorter, English was spoken in the streets — it was like suddenly the entire state overnight had become well-planned and polite. Buffy the Beverly Hills party planner may not have gotten her driveway swept, but for the rest of us, it was bliss.

The next day, it was back to business as usual.

Almost a decade later, it’s gotten worse in all the border states. In Arizona, Sheriff Paul Babeu says that United States territory is under the control of Mexican drug cartels whose members are patrolling and torturing people within 30 miles of Phoenix.

Babeau was on Fox describing a helicopter tour of the border he took with presidential candidate Ben Carson. Babeau said:

“We flew him in our helicopter, showed him the drug smuggling routes, the actual caves—these cartel scouts live on top of mountains, 30 days at a time. And how on mountain top to mountain top, over a 50-mile swath of land, and this is only 30 miles from Phoenix. … This is literally an unsecured border. We have cartels that think they own the place. They control many areas on American soil and this is how they freely move billions of dollars of drugs and hundreds of thousands of illegals into our country.”

In short, the United States is at war with drug cartels, which are essentially just another face of terrorism. It’s a war our so-called leaders, for reasons of political power, are unwilling to fight.

Into the midst of this fray, the pope is expected to insert a touchy-feely plea for the U.S. to let more poor, uneducated people who don’t want to assimilate into our country.

First off, I don’t think it’s even possible to let more foreigners in because they’re all coming in unhindered already.

Second, the pope and the rest of the Left either don’t realize or don’t care that the unrestricted immigration of people across the border is the source of much of the suffering the pope worries about.

The countries that people are consistently fleeing from in order to come here are countries where there is either lawlessness, a socialist regime in charge or both.

The pope should think about that before he lectures conservatives in Congress about immigration.


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