Pope Loses Faith, Warns of ‘Unprecedented’ Climate Damage

Pope Francis’ latest encyclical was leaked Monday by an Italian news outlet that broke a Thursday embargo.

According to The Independent, in the encyclical, the pope warns of “unprecedented destruction” unless all of mankind jumps on the global warming bandwagon right now. He reportedly blames wealthy countries for “looting” the world, and bankers and climate change skeptics for making things worse.

He points to global warming as causing massive crop failures, widespread migration, failing ecosystems and economic ruin.

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The pope has been listening to bad advice, as despite recent government statements to the contrary, the data show there has been no warming, no rise in sea level, no significant loss of polar ice or any of the other dire catastrophes the warmistas have predicted, for the past 15 years or longer.

What’s more, the most recent data from America’s most advanced climate monitoring network suggests we’re in a 10-year cooling trend.

Admittedly, much of the climate change picture depends greatly on where you stop and end your measurements, of course. For example, if you use the NOAA site and graph temperatures from June 1976 to today, when you draw a line from start to end, you get an almost perfectly flat line. If you charted from the same start point, but stopped around the middle of 2012, you would have an alarming (!!!) upturn. But if you charted from the start of 2006 to today, you’d get an even more unsettling cooling trend.

If humans, who contribute only a fraction of a percent of the world’s CO2, were really the cause of perceived warming, then you would expect to see more consistent upward movement. The very volatility of the temperature record underscores the ridiculously small effect humans actually have on the climate in light of things like solar output, volcanoes, ocean currents, venting of gases from underground and even simple cloud cover, among other broad-ranging climate changers.

That Christians should take care to properly use Earth’s resources is a no-brainer, supported by biblical passages like the Parable of the Talents, or even God’s admonition to “Rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky and over every living creature that moves on the ground.”

But the pope’s encyclical — assuming the leaked version and the reporting of it is correct — is no simple instruction to be a good steward. It sounds like instead, the pope has bought into the manufactured panic and Chicken Little paranoia that has been whipped up by a government-sponsored science with a socialist agenda.

Because control over the weather is beyond man’s reach. It is solely under God’s power, so to dread the possibility of future weather is to lose faith in God’s plan for the world. And to teach others to be similarly afraid is to be a false teacher.

On another level, by giving his imprimatur to global warming activism, the pope is lending support to the plans of evil people to reduce the liberty and steal the wealth of the very poor and struggling masses of humanity the pope claims to be so concerned about.

The pope is not infallible, despite many people, including some ignorant Catholics, thinking he was ever declared so. The pope is a man, and he may heed bad advice, and he may make mistakes.

I hope the leakers of the encyclical have exaggerated, or are lying or mistaken about its contents, as has happened on other subjects in the past with this pope.

The scam of global warming is a base fraud, and the faithful should not be dragged into that fraud by virtue of trusting the man who is supposed to be their spiritual leader and who should know better.


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