Possible 2016 GOP Presidential Candidate Ben Carson Speaks Out on Obama’s Amnesty Order

Ever since retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson stood and ripped apart Obamacare in front of Barack Obama at the National Prayer Breakfast, there has been a great deal of speculation on whether or not he will run for the GOP presidential nomination in 2016. Rumors have been flying around the political arena about Carson starting to build the necessary infrastructure to run a presidential campaign.

Some reports have claimed that the infrastructure is there and already working to build support. A couple of weeks ago, one report jumped the gun and said that Carson had formally announced his candidacy for president, but that was quickly dispelled.

Carson has been visiting some key states that are strongly involved in the early straw polls and primaries. Among those key states is Iowa, where Carson has been meeting with a number of supporters and is the keynote speaker at the Celebrate the Family event. The event is a fundraiser for the Family Leader, a group who opposes abortion and gay rights.

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While in Iowa, Carson spoke with Bloomberg reporter John McCormick.

When asked if he is ready to formally declare his candidacy, Carson responded:

“I don’t really see any reason to rush it. You want to be quite sure that it is the right thing to do.”

“Many people will be quite shocked because they think doctors only know medicine.”

McCormick asked Carson about Barack Obama’s recent amnesty announcement and Carson said that he does not support the way that Obama is going about it. He believes that immigrants should not receive free education, medical care and housing subsidies until the time that they become citizens. He went on to explain:

“You have to reverse the polarity of the magnet that is attracting people here. All the goodies, you just turn those off. Then, you seal the border.”

“In terms of work, you have to be realistic enough to recognize that certain parts of our economy would probably collapse without a lot of people who perhaps are not here legally. We need to create a mechanism for them to be here legally. That’s not the same as giving them citizenship and voting rights.”

“In other words, you don’t get a free pass because you are here already. It really is quite unfair when you provide advantages to people who don’t play by the rules.”

Many people argue that the agricultural industry would collapse if we deported every illegal. That argument was used by farmers in Alabama when the state was preparing to pass some very strict immigration laws that fined employers for hiring illegals. After the law passed, the state’s unemployment level dropped by nearly 2% in three months and farmers were not complaining about losing their crops. I believe what happened in that state is a good example of the error with that argument.

Other than that one statement made by Carson, I pretty much agree with his view on immigration. Reserve all benefits and government aid to US citizens only. Once illegals learn that they don’t get a free ride, many will stop coming here. Then, like Carson said, the border needs to be secured to prevent the rest from coming here illegally. That’s just common sense to protect America from unwanted intruders and possible terrorists and disease carriers.

Although Carson’s background is aeromedicine, he has been spending a great deal of time studying up on government policies including immigration, economy and foreign policy. Frankly I think America needs a conservative Christian who is not a politician to take over the helm and steer us back on a common sense conservative course.

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