Post Office Fires First Salvo in Annual Christmas Wars

Every year as Christmas approaches, the Christmas Wars heat up as various groups, agencies and individuals do their darnedest to get the Christ out of Christmas and get Christmas out of town.

The honor of first shot this year apparently goes to the Post Office, which is advertising its holiday stamps series with an image of stamps that include a menorah with the word “Hanukkah,” candles and people with African garb above the word “Kwanzaa,” and … a gingerbread house.

It’s not only not Christ, it doesn’t even say “Christmas.”

To be fair, the Post Office does offer stamps with pictures of the Holy Family and the Virgin and Child for Christmas.  It just didn’t choose them for its ad as representative of the holiday.

Instead, Christians get a gingerbread house, scene of the famous story about witch killers Hansel and Gretel.

And if that’s not bad enough, we get to share public viewing space with Kwanzaa, the made-up socialist non-holiday for black Marxists.

It could be worse, of course. The Freedom From Religion Foundation could be suing for equal space, requiring the Post Office to subdivide and reissue Christmas stamps of gingerbread duplexes.

That will probably happen sometime after Thanksgiving, when some hapless Target checkout clerk forgets his corporate orders and mistakenly says “merry Christmas” to some hipster wannabe who’s purchasing the autobiography of Richard Dawkins.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Kindly disregard that babe in the manger.

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