Pothead President Encourages Lighting Up

With the drug culture being so pervasive, most Americans have had contact in some way with illegal drugs, either knowing people who’ve used them or having used them personally.

For many hardcore drug users, marijuana was their introduction into the life of addiction.

I don’t hold anything against people who have tried marijuana and grown out of it. I’m more circumspect about adults who are “occasional users,” but even there I’m inclined to think it’s not really my business unless there’s a specific cause for alarm.

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But what I really can’t tolerate are wealthy, pampered celebrity elitists who brag about their drug exploits and encourage others to get addicted, then try to rationalize their behavior by promoting the myth that drugs such as marijuana are harmless and somehow constitute a “victimless crime.”

Marijuana, like any drug, alters your brain chemistry. The first thing it does is “mellow you out, dude,” meaning it impairs your judgment, reasoning and perceptions. Long-term use tends to make those impairments permanent.

Typical conversation with long-term user justifying his behavior: “Man, pot doesn’t do anything to you.”

“Then why do you smoke it?”

“‘Cause it just mellows you out, dude.”

“I thought you said it didn’t do anything.”


Or witness President Obama’s self-justification the other day, when he said he didn’t think pot was more dangerous than alcohol. Obama, of course, has bragged in the past about his adventures with his “Choom Gang” of fellow drug users and how he used to try to suck the last bit of pot smoke off the roof of his friends’ cars.

There’s also evidence that Obama may have sold drugs out of a hot dog cart during his youth in Hawaii. The way he was boasting about his “well-known” drug history suggests he’s not the least bit sorry about any of it, either.

But the president, sad to say, is among other things a role model for young people. Considering all the challenges, including drug problems, youths face today, they don’t need the stoner president muddying the waters and egging them on. Even President “I didn’t inhale” Clinton had more sense than Obama’s shown.

Marijuana may not be more dangerous than alcohol only because “more” is a subjective term. It’s not something that should be taken casually, although our culture seems intent on doing so.

Contrary to many of the popular myths, marijuana is addictive to some people, and chance of addiction goes way up with frequent use. Quitting cold turkey can lead to withdrawal symptoms.

Just as with alcohol, marijuana leads to impaired judgment and slowed reflexes, making anyone high on pot a danger behind the wheel.

Proponents like to say marijuana is a “safe” drug because it’s apparently nigh on impossible to overdose on it, which does give it one advantage over alcohol. However, studies of violent deaths by the Centers for Disease Control have found marijuana was present in the bodies of almost 10 percent of suicides, 23 percent of homicide victims and 13 percent of violent deaths overall.

In those studies, marijuana was also the least-tested-for drug, meaning the actual figures could be higher.

A study by the State University of New York found that pot use increases chances of a car collision by 95 percent and chances of being involved in a fatal collision by 110 percent.

Marijuana will also cause many of the same respiratory ailments as tobacco, though it’s easy to find “studies” downplaying that little side effect, as well.

Marijuana can be a debilitating drug addiction, as well as a primer for more serious drugs. Yet this weekend we were treated to the sight of the president of the United States, from the party that won’t allow us to eat foie gras or trans fats, hawking his mind-altering substance of choice to the kiddies.

It’s obvious what the game plan is. Between the deliberate failure of the “War” on Drugs, the amount of pro-pot propaganda churned out by Hollywood and the media, the slow legalization of marijuana, and now President Burnout encouraging everyone to take a toke, it’s clear that the aim is a well-drugged and complacent populace.

All the better to keep you quiet while Obama et al play.

So is marijuana more dangerous than alcohol?

We’ve had plenty of alcoholics in the Oval Office, but none of them outright seized the powers of Congress for themselves, as Obama did last week.

The burnout essentially declared himself king with his proclamation that if the Congress doesn’t bend to his will he would simply use his pen to write executive orders.

Considering that it took a stoner to kick off our first true dictatorship, I’m going to have to go with pot as the more dangerous drug.

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