Power Attracts Propagandists & Apologists: The IRS Curriculum

EAGnews reports: “IRS lesson plans attempt to justify embattled agency’s existence to schoolchildren.” This is an opportunity to think about how the world works right now… or why it stays broken and gets worse.

Big Government spends money on many things. But it also spends money justifying Big Government. It spends money just buying support. When any individual looks at the world today and endeavors to ask if the modern mega-state is a good idea, he or she needs to carefully consider how likely it is that most institutions in society will give judicious and impartial consideration of that question.

When the US government started military operations in Afghanistan, it gives out bundles or even literal bags of cash to various influential people. This wasn’t just common sense as a way to buy support; it was practiced behavior. The US government did it first in the United States. The Federal Government taxes the people and then buys support from important people all across the nation. In that way it creates a consensus.

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Likewise, government funds control education and teach school children to support the regime so that they are trained to appreciate being robbed year after year whenever they start to earn their own money. Federalism dies by this means. And all the while the Federal Government has lots of money to attract apologists and intellectuals who will explain to you how it makes sense for everyone to make a living off everyone else.

The entire thrust of the IRS curriculum is that human civilization would not be able to exist without income tax. “Answers will vary but should imply that much of what we take for granted is provided for by revenue from income taxes.” Yes, without income tax we wouldn’t be able to participate in foreign wars or get entangled in foreign alliances.  Students are directed to think that both the warfare state and the welfare state are beyond question and depended on income tax.

Actually, this is all a dodge because we can’t really afford any of our entitlements and empire by the measure of actual revenues. Most of the things that the IRS curriculum credits to revenue from income tax are really based on debt. This doesn’t mean that income tax is not important. It plays an essential role. Income tax is the collateral for the debt. Our government has promised at some point in the nearing future to suddenly hike taxes and increase the number of taxes to pay for massive spending programs that far exceed our current revenue stream from taxation.

But the real point here is that you should expect massive opposition to freedom. We have all been fed the government’s insidious curriculum from somewhere.

As the lie becomes less credible, the liars double down on spreading it.

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