Pre-Programmed Robotic Democrats

Rush Limbaugh has been on national radio for 26 years. Every once in a while he’ll get the question, “How long do you plan to do this?,” to which he consistently replies, “Until everyone agrees with me.”

Well, that’s a grand goal, albeit a bit lofty, and we who are regular listeners know he says it in jest but also to “tweak the left,” as he enjoys doing regularly.

Obviously that goal is unachievable. Reasonably, everyone knows there’s no way any one person can agree with another 100% of the time. Not even a sports’ team’s biggest fan or musician’s or actor’s most sycophantic groupie would agree with everything their team or idol does or says.

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And that’s what a debate host pointed out the other evening. The Concord (New Hampshire) Monitor reported on a debate between incumbent Senate Democrat Jeanne Shaheen and her challenger, Republican Scott Brown.

When the host and moderator, NPR’s Laura Knoy asked Brown if he basically agrees with Republican Party positions all the time, he said he didn’t, and the only one he agreed with 100% of the time was his wife, who was in the audience.

Polly Ingraham of the Monitor wrote of this exchange: “I mean, really, would agreeing with your spouse 100% of the time even be possible? It seems to me that the benefits of a good marriage have more to do with creative cross-fertilization than saying, ‘Yes, absolutely, dear’ all the time.”

Of course, Mr. Brown was joking, and every man got the joke.

Now the Concord Monitor is a liberal rag and no doubt Ms. Ingraham is a lefty, but I agree with her. A yes man, or woman, isn’t healthy, constructive, or realistic.

Yet Brown’s opponent, Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, is just that – voting in lockstep for Obama’s policies 99% of the time. “Yes, Mr. President, absolutely, whatever you want.”

It seems that politics defies reason and reality, and this only happens in politics.

This type of compliance happens nowhere else. Scientists can’t agree on man-made global warming. People can’t agree that there is a God or agree to legalize homosexual marriage or legalize marijuana. We can’t agree on closing the border much less what to do with the ones who are already here. We can’t agree what is and is not terrorism, the death penalty, abortion or how to treat the common cold.

There is something seriously wrong with someone who agrees with another 90, 95 or 99 percent of the time. That’s not an independent thinking human being. That’s a yes man, a robot, that has been preprogrammed to agree with its creator.

Yet Roll Call reports that every vulnerable Senate Democrat up for reelection in 2014 voted with Obama at least 90% of the time in 2013.

Last year, Public Policy Polling (PPP) published poll results on some of the most simple issues. They found that 6% of voters believe Osama bin Laden is still alive. That means 94% think we really killed him.

Yet that’s 3% less than Mark Begich (D-Alaska) voted with Obama – a full 97% of the time.

PPP found that 7% still think the moon landing was faked which is 3% less than Kay Hagan (D-N.C.) and 4% less than Mary Landrieu (D-La) voted with Obama.

Despite all evidence, only 93% of voters believe the moon landing was real. We can’t even agree on something so demonstrable as the moon landing, but were expected to accept that Jeanne Shaheen, voting 99% in favor of Obama’s policies, is reasonable.

And I forgot to mention Al Franken of Minnesota who tops all Democrats at 100%.

These people are not public servants working on behalf of their constituents. They are, as I said, merely robots, preprogrammed to vote yes on whatever Obama dreams up.

Why even bother with a Senate if these are the people we send to Washington. Originally, the Senate was designed to represent and protect the interests of the individual states and not by striking deals with other Senators to redistributed tax dollars so they can get re-elected.

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