Preborn Children Lobby on Capitol Hill

For the first time in history, preborn children as young as first trimester were on Capitol Hill on Wednesday to lobby for their right to life.

Voices from the Womb launched their national campaign by holding a presentation in a Congressional Auditorium.  Using the newest state-of-the-art ultrasound equipment, the group displayed images and sounds recorded from the womb.  With this new technology, heartbeats of preborn babies can be heard as early as five to six weeks when they are no larger than a grain of rice.

Politicians across the Hill were invited to visit the presentation that consisted of ultrasound video and audio that showed the development of fingers and toes as the babies grow, move and react to sounds.

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Brandi Swindell from Stanton Healthcare in Boise, Idaho, explained it this way:

“We are taking a brand new, state-of-the-art ultrasound machine to a Congressional Auditorium on Capitol Hill in which we are going to invite all the members of Congress to come to this presentation where they are going to see — in real time — preborn children in their mothers’ womb… Even when it’s five and six weeks old — the size of a grain of rice — you can still pick up that beating heart.  And it is so powerful as you see the baby grow in the womb, and you can start to make out the fingers and the toes and the head and the little body forming.”

Swindell also stated that after seeing the Voice from the Womb presentation, that “there’s no way that anybody can deny the humanity of the preborn child.”

If the organization can raise enough funds, they plan on taking this powerful presentation to every state capitol in the nation.

We need to pray in earnest that liberal pro-abortion politicians from both parties and independents alike, took the opportunity to witness this historic event as the preborn children of America make their heartbeats heard and lobby for themselves that other preborns will be protected from being murdered and having their lives end before they see the light day.

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