President Leads First Dance at Wedding of Adam and Steve

It’s not exactly “Swan Lake,” but the well-choreographed gay marriage dance at the White House was something to watch.

It began with Vice President (an appropriate title, in this case) Joe Biden coquettishly prancing onto center stage at the “Meet the Press” studio Sunday, where he pronounced himself “absolutely comfortable” with gay marriage, as he released a very large, red trial balloon.

As he attempted to flitter back to the safety of his office, Biden was beset by a chaotic mob of media, pirouetting for more answers.

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But they were interrupted by war. Suddenly, the battalions of two armies swept across the stage, battling over the fate of poor, sweet, helpless gay marriage.

The two sides clashed violently, using every tool in their arsenals until one side stood victorious.

The dark cassocks of the evil pro-family groups fluttered triumphantly in the breeze of clear victory.

But wait … what was this? The king himself was joining the fray. Calloo, Callay!

With a debonair swish of his sword, the king defeated the pro-family foes and freed gay people to marry each other, amid cheers of the media entourage.

Is there any real doubt the events of the last week regarding gay marriage were just political theater?

First, Biden comes out in favor of gay marriage on TV, creating speculation that Obama might support it as well, just in time for the vote in North Carolina, where traditional marriage was written into the state constitution as the only acceptable form of marriage.

Then, just when gay marriage suffers defeat in North Carolina, suddenly Obama is there to comfort the weeping nation with his support. The media spend an entire day covering the non-historic event of Obama’s support, while spreading a story that Obama’s election opponent, Mitt Romney, used to bully gay people in high school.

All of this led into last night’s bazillion-dollar-a-plate dinner at George Clooney’s house in Hollywood. (Almost like this week was timed for the Hollywood crowd.)

Just to put a bow on it, the media complete the day’s all-Obama, all-gay coverage with a story about Biden “apologizing” for his trial balloon that supposedly “forced” the boss’s decision.

Yesterday’s announcement is being hailed as an “evolution” of Obama’s thinking and a great hope for the country.

I’ll grant that it’s certainly some sort of mutation, but there’s no change of thinking here. Obama just put his finger to the wind to test which position would likely get him more votes. He’s on record being for gay marriage in 1996, against it in 2004 and again in 2008, before this week’s “evolution” announcement.

Obama’s opinion obviously “evolves” ever year there’s an election.

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