President Obama Gives Military Aid to Egypt As Militant Muslims Gain Control

Over a year ago the United States gave full support to the overthrown of the Egyptian government of Hosni Mubarak.  The goal was to allow Egypt to become a democracy where the people had more say in the government and in their lives.

Even though Mubarak was a harsh dictator of his people, there was some leniency in Egypt for non-Muslim religions.  Even though some Muslim extremists continued to attack and persecute Christians, the number of Christians and churches had grown but that may all come to an abrupt end very soon.

Since the Arab Spring overthrow, different political factions have been skirmishing and manipulating in their attempts to gain control of the government.  One of the groups that seems to be the most successful in their rise to power is the Muslim Brotherhood.  Outlawed by Mubarak, the Muslim Brotherhood is a Muslim extremist group that would like nothing more than to make Egypt a country run by Muslim law.  In so doing, they want to ban all other religions from the nation.

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The Muslim Brotherhood, along with the other political factions in the nation are working on a new constitution as promised to the people at the time of the overthrow.  However, there is a good chance that this constitution is not the one that the people wanted.  If the Muslim Brotherhood continues to grow and gain more power, their constitution could look more like a religious pronouncement that provides very few freedoms to the Egyptian people.

Additionally, the Muslim Brotherhood has openly vowed that they want to see Israel destroyed.  They see Israel as an affront to the Muslim religion and sharing a border with such an affront is an abhorrence to them.  In fact, the current Egyptian parliament which is dominated by the Muslim Brotherhood and Salafi Party just voted to expel Israel’s ambassador to Egypt.  They also informed Washington DC that the Camp David Accords would soon become a thing of the past and would no longer be honored.

In response to Egypt’s parliament and their anti-Israeli actions, President Barack Obama announced that the US would resume sending Egypt military aid as they had prior to the Mubarak overthrow.  In essence, the US will resume arming the militant Muslims in Egypt for their inevitable attack on Israel.

Obama’s actions appear to be a deliberate attempt to completely sever the ties between the US and Israel and set the stage for the attempted annihilation of the nation and its people.  You can’t convince me that the intelligence agencies have not kept the president informed on these matters and to whom he is giving military aid too.

I have said it before and I will say it again.  Barack Hussein Obama is a Muslim at heart and is doing everything in his power to help his fellow Muslims destroy Israel and eventually destroy the United States.  In that effort, he must be stopped.  It seems Congress is obviously too impotent to act upon the evidence supplied by Sheriff Joe and impeach Obama immediately and remove him office.  It seems it is being left up to us voters to do so in November.  And unless you want to be forced to bow to Mecca five times a day, I urge you to get off your butt and help do whatever you can to make sure the Muslim in the White House is evicted!

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