President Obama Is Against Traditional Families Because He Never Had One

Ever since taking office, President Barack Obama has done everything in his power to destroy traditional families and family values.

  • Obama told the Justice Department to stop defending the Defense of Marriage Act.
  • Obama has been pushing the legalization of same-sex marriages and full benefits for same-sex partners.
  • Obama favors teaching public school children of all ages that homosexuality is a normal lifestyle.
  • Obama has pushed for abortion at all stages of pregnancy up to the birth.
  • Obama’s healthcare program is anti-family, anti-parenting and anti-aging.
  • Obama believes the government should dictate the raising of children, not the parents.
  • Obama is against homeschooling.
  • Obama favors the United Nations  Y-PEER Statement that would de-criminalize sexual crimes involving girls as young as 10 years of age and even legalize prostitution of girls as young as 10.

If you have ever wondered why Barack Obama is so anti-family, I think I have the answer: it’s because he never had a stable traditional family of his own.  There are so many different reports of Obama’s childhood that I can only speculate with whom and where he spent his childhood.  After the White House birth certificate forgery, I cannot trust any of the official biographies issued by them.  From what I can glean from all of the different reports, Obama spent very little time with his birth father and only a few years with his stepfather and then was raised by his grandfather.

Therefore it is safe to say that since little Barack grew up in a very dysfunctional family, that he really has no concept of what a true traditional family is nor how important it is to preserve.  Furthermore, since he had a significant amount of Islamic and Marxist teaching, he also has little understanding of the biblical family and how important the family is to God and our relationship with Him.

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So, all of America is suffering the destruction of our most fundamental family structure and values because one boy never experienced what we are losing.  Think about that then reflect on your own family.  Do you have any idea of how many others may be affected by your family values and what you teach your children?  I pray you do and make a very concerted effort to raise a biblical family with Christian values so they can be passed on to the next generation and help influence others.

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