President Obama thinks American Voters are Acting Silly

President Obama sat down for an interview this past week with Lester Holt of NBC’s Nightly News. During their discussion Holt asked the President what he thought of the 2016 presidential race thus far and if he noticed that the climate today was far different than it was in 2007 when he ran for President.

Lester Holt: Describe the climate to me. Is it any different, the political climate, the election climate than when you ran eight years ago?

President Obama: You know, political season is always a little bit of a silly season. I do think that what’s different this time is that particularly in the Republican party you have, I think, the most disgruntled, or suspicious of Washington portion of the electorate that is driving the process.

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But there hasn’t been, maybe because of Super PACs, a winnowing down of the process where people are forced to really talk about the issues in a more serious way. I suspect that will change over time.

You know, he’s kind of – sort of, right when it comes to the idea that every election cycle brings its own bit of craziness to the table. However, one of the most important factors of the 2016 election that I think President Obama seems oblivious to, is that he is the biggest contributor to our current political insanity. This “silly season,” as he so weirdly describes it, has a lot to do with the massive failure that his entire presidency has been.

If it were simply that the conservative wing of the American electorate was upset with his handling of our nation, then this season would simply be business as usual. However, that’s not what we’re seeing. What we are seeing here is the general disgust that Americans of all political stripes have with the way business is being handled in Washington. Only the most diehard of Democrat partisans are currently supporting President Obama and his doppelganger in the 2016 election, Hillary Clinton.

It’s time to take some responsibility Mr. President, the buck stops with you.

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