President Rock? ‘Scorpion King’ Star Considers Presidential Run

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has been an American heartthrob for as long as I can remember, as an actor, producer, singer, and professional wrestler. There’s no denying that he is gorgeous, but are there any brains behind that beauty? The star has announced that he is considering a presidential run. If Donald Trump could do it, why can’t The Rock Johnson? He gave some nice, smooth comments on his consideration to run, however it is likely he would run for the Democratic party. If that is the case, then that answers the question about brains behind the beauty, which would be a solid: “No“.

When asked about the idea of running for president of the United States in the future, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson left the door open in an interview published Wednesday.

According to Caity Weaver of GQ, The Rock said, “I think that it’s a real possibility,” with regard to an attempt to become commander in chief.

The question stemmed from a November article by Vanity Fair‘s Paul Chi in which Johnson said, “I wouldn’t rule it out,” when asked about a presidential run.

Johnson was also asked about his thoughts on President Trump, and his reply was, “I’d like to see a better leadership. I’d like to see a greater leadership. When there’s a disagreement, and you have a large group of people that you’re in a disagreement with—for example, the media—I feel like it informs me that I could be better. We all have issues, and we all gotta work our s–t out. And I feel like one of the qualities of a great leader is not shutting people out. I miss that part. Even if we disagree, we’ve got to figure it out. Because otherwise I feel, as an American, all I hear and all I see in the example you’re setting is ‘Now I’m shutting you out. And you can’t come.’ [Disagreement] informs us. The responsibility as president—I [would] take responsibility for everyone. Especially when you disagree with me. If there’s a large number of people disagreeing, there might be something I’m not seeing, so let me see it. Let me understand it.”

Easier said than done. Half of the country is brainwashed by the liberal agenda. No matter what you do, someone is going to be upset!

If Johnson does decide to run for president, he already has one potential endorsement at his disposal in the form of NBCUniversal vice chairman Ron Meyer, per Weaver: “If [becoming the president] is something he focused on, he probably would accomplish it. I think there’s nothing that he couldn’t do.”

What do you think?

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