President Trump Plans to Use the National Guard to Shore Up Defense of Southern Border

During a recent speech in Ohio, that was primarily focused on improving our nation’s infrastructure, the President shed some light on his plans to make our porous Southern border more secure.

The left and their pals in the media have jumped on this story in an attempt to scare Americans, and our friends to the South, but the reality is that President Trump is just following the lead of every President since Ronald Reagan.

During his speech the President explained that he’d be using the National Guard to bulk up security and to maintain order along the border with Mexico. While this might sound extreme, it’s actually a tactic that has been used by Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and yes, even Barack Obama sent the National Guard to the border to assist with slowing the flow of illegal immigration into the USA.

Suddenly, his plan doesn’t seem so shocking, does it?

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Here’s what the President said:

In recent years, Americans have watched as Washington spent trillions and trillions of dollars building up foreign countries while allowing our own country’s infrastructure to fall into a state of total disrepair.

Look at Korea. We have a border in Korea. We have a wall of soldiers. We don’t get paid very much for this, do we? We have — you look at that — nobody comes through. But our own border — we don’t take care of it.

Think of it. We spend billions of dollars in other countries, maintaining their borders, and we can’t maintain our borders in our own country. Is there something a little bit wrong with that? Think of it. We spend billions and billions of dollars.

Look, North and South Korea, 32,000 soldiers, the finest equipment, barbed wire all over the place. We protect that whole thing. Nobody comes through. But our country — we don’t do it.

Things are changing, folks. But now is the time to rebuild our country, to take care of our people and to fight for our great American workers for a change.

Then, just a few days the President was more specific about his plans and spoke more overtly about the possible use of the military on our border.

Mexico, if you look at the caravan of thousands of people coming across, I told Mexico, look, you have a cash cow in NAFTA. NAFTA’s been great for Mexico. Has not been good for the United States.

A lot of businesses have closed down because of NAFTA. You look at empty plants all over the place. And this is from years ago; they still haven’t recovered. NAFTA’s been a terrible deal for the United States. We’re renegotiating the deal right now, but it’ll still be good for Mexico and for Canada.

And when this caravan came in — and this is a caravan of a lot of people coming in, in this case, from Honduras. If it reaches our border, our laws are so weak and so pathetic. You would not understand this because I know how strong your laws are at the border. Like, we have no border, because we had Obama make changes. President Obama made changes that basically created no border, called “catch and release.” You catch them. You register them. They go into our country. We can’t throw them out. And in many cases, they shouldn’t be here. Many, many cases, they shouldn’t be here.

And after they get — whatever happens over the next two or three years, they’re supposed to come back to court. Almost nobody comes back to court. They’re in our country. And we can’t do anything about it because the laws that were created by Democrats are so pathetic and so weak.

So I told Mexico — and I respect what they did — I said, “Look, your laws are very powerful. Your laws are very strong. We have very bad laws for our border. And we are going to be doing some things” — I’ve been speaking with General Mattis — “we’re going to be doing things militarily.”

Until we can have a wall and proper security, we’re going to be guarding our border with the military. That’s a big step. We really haven’t done that before, or certainly not very much before.

But we will be doing things with Mexico, and they have to do it. Otherwise I’m not going to do the NAFTA deal. NAFTA’s been fantastic for Mexico, bad for us. We’ve had our car plants moved to Mexico, many of them. We make tremendous numbers — millions of cars in Mexico that, years ago, didn’t exist. TRUMP: They closed in Michigan. They closed in Ohio. They closed in other places. Now they’re starting to move back, because of what we’ve done with regulation and with taxes. They’re starting to come back into our country in a big way.

But I told Mexico, very strongly, you’re going to have to do something about these caravans that are coming up.

And I just noticed that the caravan now, which is toward the middle of Mexico, coming up from Honduras, is breaking up very rapidly. That’s because Mexico has very strong immigration laws, as we should have. We should have those laws. We don’t have — we have — we have immigration laws that are laughed at by everybody, and it’s got to be changed. We need the wall, we need the protection, and we have to change our immigration laws at the border and elsewhere.

So Mexico has, at this moment, it seems they’ve broken up large numbers of that particular caravan, and we’ll see what happens. But we’re prepared at our border.

We cannot have people flowing into our country illegally, disappearing, and, by the way, never showing up to court. So the court case will be set for two years or three years, if you can believe this, and they never show up. For the most part, very rarely do they show up.

Plus, if you notice, they’re trying to hire thousands of judges, so every person that walks across — and they’re taught to say the right thing. They walk across, and then they go — and they’re supposed to go to court. So we’re supposed to have thousands of judges, because we cannot have them taken out. We have to bring them before a ridiculous court system.

We have to change our policies fast. Just like we have to change on sanctuary cities. If you look at what’s happening in California, they’re having revolts out there because there are a lot of areas, Orange County and others, they don’t want to have sanctuary cities, which are guarding criminals.

So a lot of things are changing. But I’ve just heard that the caravan coming up from Honduras is broken up, and Mexico did that. And they did it because, frankly, I said you really have to do it. We’re going to have a relationship on NAFTA; we’re going to have to include security in NAFTA.

So Mexico — very strong laws, and that’s the way it is. So it looks like it’s been broken up, so that’ll be good.

OK, thank you all very much…

No, the caravan doesn’t irritate me; the caravan makes me very sad that this can happen to the United States. We have thousands of people that decide to just walk into our country, and we don’t have any laws that can protect it.

And the wall, because of the Democrats, has been delayed. We’ve started the wall. Just so you understand, we have $1.6 billion. We’re fixing and building brand new walls in certain areas. We’re doing a lot of work on walls. We have $1.6 billion, and we’re starting brand new sections of walls. But we need to have a wall that’s about 800 miles, 700 to 800 miles of the 2,000-mile stretch. We have a lot of natural boundaries.

But it’s very sad to see it, and it’s sad even for both sides. It’s sad for the people in the caravan, and it’s sad for the people of the United States. It’s really sad that we don’t have laws that say we have a border, and if you don’t do it legally, you can’t come into the United States. To me, that’s a very sad thing for the people of the United States.

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