President Trump was a Smash Hit at the National Championship

On Monday night, President Trump made an appearance at the College Football National Championship game between the University of Georgia and the University of Alabama in Atlanta, GA.

When it became known that the President would be making an appearance there were many diverse reactions from the chattering classes. Some said they’d be protesting his appearance, others appreciated that the President would attend such a popular event, and still others didn’t care either way.

But no one could no how the fans at the game would respond until the time came for his appearance… and when he finally did appear, the crowd rewarded his decision to attend.

Watch as the crowd of 71,000 + college football fans roar their approval of the President of the United States.


The President received more mixed reviews while pulling up to the event in his motorcade.

But there was some ugliness too.

Before the game, Alabama running back Bo Scarborough had some pretty disgusting things to say about the President.

Anyone who hung on until midnight (or checked this morning) might have seen Alabama win their latest National Championship victory in dramatic fashion in overtime.

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