President Washington vs President Obama

Yesterday was President’s Day, a federal holiday.  When I was growing up, we celebrated President Abraham Lincoln’s birthday on February 12 and President Washington’s birthday on February 22.

We were taught in school that we celebrated Washington’s birthday because he was the first President of the United States and the man who orchestrated our victory over the British to gain our nation’s freedom.   They taught us that Lincoln’s birthday was celebrated because he emancipated the slaves and led the nation through its darkest time during the Civil War.

Celebrating the man who gave them their freedom from slavery wasn’t enough for black activists who insisted on having a federal holiday of their own.  They selected Martin Luther King Jr. to pay their homage to.  Lincoln’s and Washington’s birthdays were combined to allow for the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday without creating an additional paid federal holiday.

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As we celebrate President’s Day and head toward Washington’s birthday on the 22nd, I thought it only appropriate to compare our first president to our current and possibly last president.

To begin with, Washington was a humble man who didn’t seek the presidency.  In fact, he didn’t want the position when first approached with the idea and only reluctantly accepted the charge that the newly formed Congress wanted to bestow on him.  Obama is an egomaniac who not only craved the presidency, and I still believe took the office illegally, but given the chance he would definitely do away with elections and make himself dictator of the United States.

Secondly, Washington was more of a devout Christian than modern historians want you to believe.  He wrote his own daily prayer book that he carried with him his entire life.  It had a morning and evening prayer for each day of the week.  In his inauguration address and farewell speech, he thanked God for His providence and for helping to form the new nation.  Washington publicly acknowledged that they should have lost the Revolutionary War and that it was only through God’s blessings and help that they won.

Obama has never really acknowledged God in the affairs of our nation or in his becoming president.  On a number of occasions Obama has blatantly refrained from mentioning God as most presidents have done on the same occasions.  Obama’s non-mentioning of God or Jesus spoke louder than if he had mentioned them.

Third, Washington respected the US Constitution and the laws of the land. He understood his role as president as spelled out in the Constitution and knew that he did not have the authority to eliminate any laws he didn’t like.  The Whiskey Rebellion is a prime example.  Congress had enacted a whiskey tax that didn’t set well with farmers in Pennsylvania.  When they rebelled against the tax in 1791, Washington didn’t just decide to do away with the tax, but instead did the only thing he could legally do at the time.  Even though he was President, Washington rode in front of a 13,000 man militia and headed to Pennsylvania to put down the rebellion.  The farmers quit and went home before Washington and his troops arrived.  The whiskey tax was eventually repealed by Congress during Jefferson’s term in office.

We have seen almost uncountable examples of Obama assuming dictatorial powers by not enforcing existing laws, creating new laws and changing other laws, all without the approval of Congress.  All of these are in direct violation of the US Constitution. He ordered the Justice Department to stop enforcing the Defense of Marriage Act and he instructed the Department of Homeland Security to stop deporting non-criminal illegal aliens.  I find that not only illegal on his part but illogical since every illegal alien is a criminal by the very fact that they entered the country illegally.

Obama’s recess appointments were made illegally as the Senate was technically not at recess at the time.  He made the appointments knowing that the Senate would not approve his nominations.

Then we have Obamacare.  Where do we start listing Obama’s illegal actions with this?  Virtually everything about Obamacare was illegal to begin with, especially the insurance mandate requiring everyone to purchase insurance or pay a penalty.  Obama has made so many instant changes to Obamacare that one would need a calculator to count them all.  Since Obamacare was an act of Congress, only Congress can legally make any changes to the law.

On February 22, I will observe and celebrate the birthday of the greatest president in American history.  I don’t know when Obama’s birthday is nor do I care and I will never, never ever celebrate his birthday or anything about him.

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