If I Were President

Ever since Barak Hussein Obama illegally moved into the White House I have criticized virtually everything he has done. Someone recently asked me what I would do if I were president. After spending a few days thinking about it, this is what I would do if I were president.

1) I would order all federal and state agencies to enforce the laws as they are written, including the federal immigration laws. In doing this, it would mean that every illegal alien would be arrested, processed and deported back to their country of origin.

2) I would ask Congress to provide the means to build up our military to the strength it was prior to Obama’s dismantling. In doing so, I would stop being the world’s police and work to use our military to secure our own border and protect America and American interests abroad.

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3) I would ask to meet with the House, Senate and every governor at the same time. Then I would ask them to help me restore America to what our Founding Fathers created with a small federal government and returning most of the power to the states as originally intended. This would mean the elimination of several federal departments, a huge reduction in federal workers and a mandated budget that would not exceed our income.

4) I would ask the Judicial Department to bring charges of treason against Barack Hussein Obama for his crimes against the US Constitution and the American people. It would include the crimes of aiding and abetting the sworn enemies of the United States. Once convicted, I would make sure that he was duly imprisoned for the rest of his life.

5) I would ask Congress to establish a flat tax rate that was fair for all and do away with the Internal Revenue Service.

6) I would ask Congress to repeal the Affordable Care Act and return control of the medical industry to the private sector.

7) I would ask Congress to help put restraints on the EPA so that they no longer can bully private individuals and strip them of their land or their livelihood.

8) America was established as a Christian nation, not a Muslim nation. I would work to re-establish our Christian nation as our Founders did.

9) I would replace every federal judge, including Supreme Court Justices that rule on agenda rather than on law. I would remind them that the US Constitution states they are to hold their judicial seats as long as they are in “Good Behaviour” and when they rule on agenda or re-interpret the law in ways that it was not intended then they are no longer in good behavior and will be removed from the bench.

10) I would review every executive order, memo and regulation made by past presidents and repeal all of those that are unconstitutional.

11) I would ask Congress to make salaries for federal employees to be more in line with the median salaries of non-government workers.

12) I would veto any bill that comes across my desk that is not in the best interest of America.

There are probably a number of other issues that I would work on to restore America to its greatness, but this is probably where I would start. This is also why I would not be a popular president. It seems no one who really strives to do the right thing for our nation and our people, ever holds office long enough to get the job done.

What would you do if you were president?

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