Pro 2nd Amendment Sheriff Defeats Bloomberg’s Money

Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has been spending millions of his own dollars to ban guns, ammunition and disarm the American people. When Colorado Democrats pushed for their anti-gun anti-2nd Amendment laws, Bloomberg sent several million dollars to the Rocky Mountain state and helped get those laws passed. When four of the leading anti-gun Democrats faced public outrage and recall elections, Bloomberg chipped in more money to help them keep their offices. However the people of Colorado were offended by Bloomberg’s money and ousted the anti-gun politicians and replaced them with pro-2nd Amendment advocates.

Bloomberg turned his money to Milwaukee County politics this time, donating $150,000 to the campaign of Milwaukee Police Lt. Chris Moews. Moews was challenging County Sheriff David Clarke for his position. Clark is very pro self-defense and believes that the people of Milwaukee County should have the right to arm themselves for their own protection. He used a series of radio messages to urge citizens to arm themselves and learn how to use their guns.

Meows disagrees and wants to take guns away from the people and let the police protect them, although that is usually too late to help a home owner or anyone being attacked or assaulted.

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The race for sheriff was a bitterly fought one and came down to one key issue – should residents arm themselves or not. Bloomberg donated to the ‘or not’ campaign of Meows and Tuesday night, the race was too close to call. Tuesday night, before the vote had been tallied, Clarke first thanked Almighty God for making all things possible. Then he thanked his wife and addressed his supporters.

Wednesday morning, the votes had finally been tallied and Clarke won 52% to 48%. The outcome is being touted as a victory for 2nd Amendment rights and crushing defeat for Michael Bloomberg and his anti-gun campaign. Chris Cox, the Executive Director for the NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action congratulated Clarke on his victory, saying:

“On behalf of the NRA’s five million members, we would like to congratulate Sheriff David A. Clarke on his hard fought victory in yesterday’s Primary election for Milwaukee County Sheriff. Sheriff Clarke’s outspoken commitment to the Second Amendment earned him the admiration of NRA members and gun owners nationwide. His dedication to freedom and the Constitution also earned him the wrath of gun control elitist Michael Bloomberg and his allies, who spent over half a million dollars (more money than both candidates in this race combined) trying to defeat Sheriff Clarke. But in the end, Bloomberg’s money could not buy the hearts and minds of the voters.”

The citizens of Colorado rose up against Bloomberg’s money and intrusion into their state. The citizens of Milwaukee County also spoke out against Bloomberg and his money. Hopefully, Michael Bloomberg will realize that the American people don’t like him and his anti-gun ways. They don’t like his money and wish that he would keep his agenda to himself and stay out of their politics.

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