Pro-Contraceptive Reports Reporting False Statistics

There have been several reports published in the past year or two that shows the incidents of teen pregnancies, births and abortions have been declining since their peak in the early 1990s.

Pro-contraceptive supporters such as Planned Parenthood and many liberal Democrats have been crediting the use of contraceptives as the sole or primary reason for the declines.  They also use these reports to justify their making contraceptives available to junior and senior high school students without parental knowledge or consent.

However, National Abstinence Education Association Executive Director Valerie Huber disagrees with those taking credit for the declines.  She says the reports are misleading and disingenuous because it ignores the growing influence of abstinence groups across the nation.  Huber said,

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“Contraceptive education and contraceptives in general are being credited … for the reason for these drops, and that’s just a disingenuous argument.  About 75 percent of teens didn’t even use contraception the last time they had sex, so to say that these drops are due to contraceptive usage is really stretching the truth.”

She also reports that many teens are no longer having sex and have taken vows of abstinence until they get married and that this trend is having an impact on the study results but are not being credited for such.

The propaganda of pro-contraceptive groups has been so powerful that they receive about $50 of federal funding to every $1 received by abstinence groups.  Abstinence groups also receive little coverage in the media and often no support from public school officials.

If you have kids or grandkids in junior or senior high school, you need to locate the abstinence groups in your area and give them your support both with your time, money and more importantly, your prayers.

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