Pro-Israel Donations Emboldening Republicans

America’s first Muslim president has spent the last 6 years destroying our friendly relations with Israel while at the same time trying to build relations with Muslim nations that want to destroy us. The rift created by Barack Hussein Obama and our longtime Jewish allies is about to take on another dimension in the battle for political control of America.

As you all know, Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry are being duped into making a deal with Iran over their nuclear abilities. Obama and Kerry say that there are many safeguards in place to guarantee that Iran will comply with the deal and limit their nuclear program.

Iran has a long history of lying, deception and outright defiance to the United States and has proven for years that they cannot be trusted in way, shape or form. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been very outspoken against the deal, stating that it will still allow Iran to develop nuclear weapons. Iran has long vowed to use nuclear weapons to destroy Israel and wipe them from the face of earth. Netanyahu has stated that the US/Iran deal will only further undermine already strained relations between the US and Israel.

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A number of members of Congress don’t believe we can trust Iran and believe that the deal struck by Obama and Kerry is far more dangerous than it is beneficial. Leading that charge is Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) who spearheaded a letter, signed by 46 Republican leaders that warned against signing the deal with Iran.

These Republicans along with other pro-Israel politicians are financially benefitting from their support of Israel. According to a recent article in The New York Times:

“…Mr. Cotton and other Republicans benefited from millions in campaign spending in 2014 by several pro-Israel Republican billionaires and other influential American donors who helped them topple Democratic opponents.”

“Republicans currently in the Senate raised more money during the 2014 election cycle in direct, federally regulated campaign contributions from individuals and political action committees deemed pro-Israel than their Democratic counterparts, according to data compiled by the Center for Responsive Politics and analyzed for The New York Times by a second nonprofit, MapLight. The Republican advantage was the first in more than a decade.”

“The alliances in Congress that pro-Israel donors have built will certainly be tested as they lobby lawmakers to oppose the deal with Iran and perhaps even expand sanctions against the country, despite objections from the Obama administration.”

“Donors say the trend toward Republicans among wealthy, hawkish contributors is at least partly responsible for inspiring stronger support for Israel among party lawmakers who already had pro-Israel views.”

If top Republican leaders learn to tap into this financial wealth, it’s possible that they could gain even more seats in the House and Senate in 2016. Republican presidential hopefuls would also do well by supporting Israel and benefitting from the pro-Israel financial machine that is anxiously waiting to dethrone a Democratic White House. Perhaps it could be enough to help pull off an upset over Hillary Clinton, who obviously hates Israel as much as Obama does.

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